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What do we mean by ‘redeemed?’ Basically it means sharing in God’s Being, His nature and His joy of life. More specifically it means the re-instatement and actualisation of the vision of the trinitarian God to have sons/daughters with which to share the joy of life. This vision will be realised in you, partially in this life and fully in the adventure of an infinite life in the next.


In the House Church we ran here some years ago, I told the Believers who gathered, that God was better than most of us has imagined, that our God-life was simpler than most people knew and that our purpose as sons/daughters was simply ‘to be.’ Which is to say to be who we are in Christ.


Jesus Christ does not impart to us a generic christianity. He personally sculpts us into who we actually are according His vision of us before creation and into whom we are becoming a result of the New Creation which is the expression of the self in Jesus.

I read a quote once that said ‘Satan eats his sons’. In a manner of speaking we ‘eat the Son of God’ as He instructed, so that His life becomes our life. We are talking the Lord’s Table lived as our life.

In The Undoing of Adam, Baxter Kruger advances the view that redeemed means to be re-instated as sons and daughters of God to live out the plan of God for God to share the infinite joy that is God’s life with beings similar in nature to God.

Baxter writes, “The doctrine of the Trinity means that relationship, that fellowship, that togetherness and sharing, that self-giving and other-centeredness are not afterthoughts with God, but the deepest truth about the being of God. The Father is not consumed with Himself; He loves the Son and the Spirit. And the Son is not riddled with narcissism; he loves his Father and the Spirit. And the Spirit is not preoccupied with himself and his own glory; the Spirit loves the Father and the Son. Giving, not taking; other-centeredness, not self-centeredness; sharing, not hoarding are what fire the rockets of God and lie at the very center of God’s existence as Father, Son and Spirit.”


Queen Victoria was said not to be amused. Probably because she had been socialised into an English version of stoicism. Sadly many are attached to a pedestrian, austere view of God that is inherent in legalised salvation. Mike Habets puts it succinctly when he writes, “By ‘redemption’ Torrance means the emancipation of humanity from bondage, corruption, and nothingness; that which is often synonymous with ‘atonement’.” Atonement is oneness with God. Jesus wants us to live in the reality He has made for us that is the truth of the Trinitarian Communion of Life and Joy. Jesus says ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.

We are redeemed into life.

We need not be all that observant to perceive vested interests who are opposed to life to the full. They are happy to co-exist with a limited life and the killing of the planet if it ensures their privileges, wealth, power and identity. The preference for economy over lives in the pandemic in Australia and other places, recalls the murder of the son of God by vested interests when He came as unlimited life among us. People can be anti-life because they fear losing what they have. Jesus urges us to lose our lives and follow Him because our life compared to His life is death at the worst and crippled at best.

“Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it” Matt 10.39 NIV. Don’t hang on to an un-gospel because it’s your vested interest, your source of status and identity. You have a real self in Christ your life.