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Michael Kepler explains how our post cross life differs from a pre-cross, old covenant life.

“IN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH WORLD, there has been a significant misunderstanding or lack of knowledge regarding the two primary covenants in the Bible. While it’s true God did make various covenants with different men in the Old Testament, basically it’s pretty simple regarding the covenants made with the house of Israel. We have:

A: The Old Covenant

B: The New Covenant

A covenant is defined as a will, a testament, or an arrangement between two parties (Strong’s G1242). We find the word covenant is sometimes translated as will or testament in Scripture.

Since a covenant is generally agreed upon between two parties, it’s important for us to realize God did not force the Old Covenant with the Mosaic law down the throat of Israel. They knew what the law stated and they agreed to it. In spite of all that God did to deliver them out of Egypt, they were ignorant enough to sign on to an arrangement where blessings would depend upon their faithfulness instead of simply trusting in God’s faithfulness towards them. Pride and arrogance took center stage when they said, “All that the LORD has spoken we will do” (see Exodus 19:7-8). In essence, this was code for trusting in themselves and their own ability. Eventually, we’ll see why they would’ve been better off saying, “We can’t do this!”

Grace is more than forgiveness and acquittal for bad deeds. That’s a legal definition. True grace is God being Himself in Christ for you. It’s incarnation.

The only way we can be holy as God is Holy is the way of Christ our life – incarnation. He graces us with His person in us and He graces us by weaving Himself into our being so that His Spirit is expressed as George and Mildred.

In the Christian journey, ‘I can’t do this anymore’ can be a good place to be.’ It signals the start of Jesus doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves – sustain a relationship with God and be holy as God is holy. Being born again is the end of our life in the first Adam and the start of our life in the Second Adam. Graced with His life for us and in us we are on the road to being ourselves as sons and daughters of God.