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Thomas Torrance wrote, “Perhaps the most fundamental truth which we have to learn in the Christian Church, or rather relearn since we have suppressed it, is that the incarnation was the coming of God to save us in the heart of our fallen and depraved humanity, where humanity is at its wickedest in its enmity and violence against the reconciling love of God. That is to say, the incarnation is to be understood as the coming of God to take upon himself our fallen human nature, our actual human existence laden with sin and guilt, our humanity diseased in mind and soul in its estrangement or alienation from the Creator. This is a doctrine found everywhere in the early Church in the first five centuries, expressed again and again in the terms that the whole man had to be assumed by Christ if the whole man was to be saved.” (1)


The incarnation is the foundation truth of the Kingdom of God. Paul called this ‘Christ our life’ and John named it as ‘Christ come in our flesh’. John also named Christ as the Light of the World and of every man and woman. An agreement with Christ that He is in us opens us directly to the progressive revelation that is the light and truth that is our being in God.

By living in the incarnation we can live as sons rather than as a clothes horse of moralities or as coat-hangers of religion.


We are privileged to know God because of God. We can appreciate intimations of God in nature and in good people. But the revelation to our hearts and minds comes to us from God – directly in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Living in religion, revelation of truth is muffled. Living incarnated truth goes direct to our hearts. Jesus is the truth and the way. His life is our life and the difference between simply existing and being spirit and life.


We can, if we wish, construct an ideology of God. This is the inevitable result of any theology couched in the law. The law – a child of the knowledge of good and evil with its separation from God - is innately abstract. A product of the human mind, it insulates us from God and eventually leads to inhumanity in the form of judgment and in some cases, institutional sexual abuse. It can also lead to false grace and an obtuse support of religion over spirituality. It exudes a kind of non-discernment that can take the view that it is judgmental to attempt to draw people out of the experience of the tares into the wheat fields of the sons of God.* The law is perverse because the tenets of the fall are perverse.


Nevertheless we are surrounded by the Spirit of Christ who lives with us and is in us. Any longing for more of God and more of Jesus is met with the seeding and unfolding of revelation into our hearts and minds. With Christ as our life we will see what we did not see before in the word and in the experiences of life.

“God confronts us with the Word of grace in Jesus Christ. Theology is bound and controlled by this Word. God reveals God; God discloses Godself to be known by us. Jesus Christ is God’s self-revealing, His self-interpretation and witness. Deus dixit—God has spoken!” (2)

The ‘word’ couched as the law can never be more than ‘rational-legal.’ But the ‘word’ as the law of the spirit of life is resurrection in action. It’s spirit and life.


John names Jesus Christ as the life and light of the world. The writer of Hebrews (probably Paul), in the same vein names Jesus as the sharp and living Word who separates the kingdoms of flesh from the Kingdom of Christ.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV. His words are alive because He is alive in His Father. We are alive when Jesus is our life and not some ideology.

Living in oneness with God, we will find that truth is alive because our spirit is alive. When Christ is our life we have moved out of mere rationality to spirit and life. This ‘oneness’ is your life, your inheritance, God incarnated in you. This is the soil of the gifts and the anointing. Living in the separation of the law, we can speak on the gifts as a dead man talking. Living in what is ours – oneness and union with God we are alive with His spirit and life.

‘For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart’ Heb 4.12 NIV.

‘ I think, therefor I am’ is the utterance of an abstract rationalism. We are not who we are when our mind is separated from the mind of Christ. In this disjunction we create a distorted reality and live from an askew hermeneutic. By living in the incarnation we are living in our inheritance - oneness with Christ so that ‘In Him we live and move and have our being.’ We are living in the light and as sons of God in spirit and in truth we become light.

Christ is the word and the light that becomes us as we live in our inheritance of Christ our life. There is no separation in Christ Jesus. You and Father are one. This ‘oneness’ is yours before you believe it. But it is you when you possess it.

* You might wonder how such people ever learn anything. The fact is they don’t. They continue in the delusion that no one could have more spirit and life than they.

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