Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you

You may have come from a sector of Christianity where religion was about ‘being right.’ Jesus did not come to multiply religion. He came to multiply Himself in us. His Kingdom is about being alive.’ Those who have the Son have life. Those who do not have the son do not have life.’

Raised as a pot plant in such a glass house we would have absorbed the impression that our walk is a kind of draft board on which we attempt to step on the white squares and avoid the black ones. This is religion but it is not life. We make religion out of believing right and doing right. This is the natural result of living from a Christianized knowledge of good and evil and living from the law. The essence of legalism is right knowledge and right action and is exactly what some denominations mean when they say they ‘have the truth.’

The Kingdom of Jesus is not about being right. It is about life. But there is one thing we cannot afford to be wrong about - the fact that Christ Himself is totally our life.

By being made one with our Father we are rejoined to a river of life that is the trinity in its fullness from first to last. Here our life is more a flow than discrete actions. It is spirit manifest in our being and life in our actions.

If Jesus is righteousness He is also rightness. But He is far more than a representation of ethics and morality. He is life personified. All creation is meant to live, move and have its being in the person of God. Jesus represents the reason and purpose of the earth. He links us to the trinity and situates our spirit in the tripartite presence. As sons planted in our Father we are who we are and flourish in the Spirit of Sonship to be “I am” in the Greater IAM. In Him you find your identity, your purpose and proper place in the story that is the book of life.