His life as your life



As a child, a youth and for most of my middle life I knew that God was real intellectually but not practically. This is to say I saw God as the legitimator of morality and the means of surviving death into eternal life. I knew that He was among us once in Palestine but did not really expect Him to be here now in a real way.

It was not until the bottom dropped out of my world that I realised that I had been familiar with religion but not with a personal Jesus. Even if I had never experienced the manifestations of His personal presence by the spirit and the gifts and did not understand the incarnation, I still knew that Jesus is real – because He bears witness to Himself in one’s being.


But I have experienced the presence of Holy Spirit in a real way. I have witnessed that Jesus is alive and present on planet earth in people who move in His authority. And I have learned of the importance of the incarnation – that we enjoy oneness with God as a gift and not be earning and striving. The incarnation being the fullness of God in us is the foundation of Kingdom life. It’s the source of our regeneration and the source of the anointing.


More than this, incarnation is the certainty of our salvation and the living out of the trinity in us into ordinary life. Nothing is ordinary when Christ is our life. Leanne Payne writes, “Some folk, thinking they are being honest, suffer from the notion that to practice the Presence is an exercise not in faith, but in mere credulity. But to acknowledge the Presence of the God who is really there is actually a form of prayer, a way of praying always as the Scriptures exhort us to do. When we do this, the eyes and ears of our hearts are opened to receive the word He is always speaking.” (1)


A life lived with god as an abstraction is much different to a live lived in oneness with Jesus. This oneness with God is never religious. It is simply a fact. That we and Father are one is the reality in which we now live - If we believe. This is why Leanne Payne recommends practising the presence and living the truth. The difference between people who possess the authority of Christ is that they believe they do whereas many do not. They are caught in false humility or in a form of godliness without power.

An unbelieving cynic sent up the words I a comedy sketch, ‘our thoughts and prayers are with you’ He noted that its often an excuse for not doing anything. Maybe. Or just a religious saying that makes us feel better when we don’t know what to say. In my years as a Christian I have heard lot of prayers that are worthless. I said many myself.

But there are people whose prayers make a difference. Like Jesus, they have authority, not as the scribes (the religious). The difference between authoritative prayers and polite prayers is simple. People have authority who know they do. They know they do because they are one with God – not one with religion. Many of the latter know nothing else, which is the reason we do these posts. Others are satisfied with the routine treadmill on which they walk, calling this ‘their faith.’

The chief advantage of oneness with God is that we get to know God as God because God reveals Himself from within our being and from outside us through good teaching, sound doctrine and life experiences. We can have as much of God as we want. Or as little. We deplete ourselves if we do not let Jesus interfere with our life. But we are much more than we are WHEN JESUS IS OUR LIFE.

(1) Payne, Leanne. The Healing Presence (p. 25). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.