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This ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ is the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles. It’s not just any gospel, not a perspective and not one that differs from the Church Fathers and reformed theology. In other words it cannot just be just something we have ‘always believed’ or a perspective that is an addition to the ‘apostles doctrine’. Neither is the real Gospel an emphasis on some aspect of doctrine. If it’s not the kind of thing that can be found in the Niceane Creed it’s not a gospel at all.


If we have been a church barren of the Holy Spirit, we may think that charismata are everything. The Spirit and the gifts are certainly better than a gospel of rationalism. But just as the Gospel without the gifts is not a full gospel, so the Spirit un-hooked from the basis of atonement, reconciliation and incarnation, is a depleted gospel.

Martin Davis writes, “
The Holy Spirit sets us free to know Jesus as "Lord." We cannot know Jesus as "Lord" apart from the work of the Holy Spirit. We do not "make Jesus Lord" by a personal decision of faith. Rather, the Spirit sets our fallen minds free for revelation. The Spirit sets us free to know Jesus as "Lord." To be "charismatic" is more than speaking in "tongues." It is to know Jesus as "Lord" and God as "Abba, Father." These are the great gifts of the Spirit!”


Holy Spirit points us to the Christ of God and the Gospel of the Kingdom. Holy Spirit imbues us with the mind of Christ. Richard Rohr states that walking in the light of The Light, is learning how to see. If Christ is our life we will see well. If a diluted or polluted gospel is our light our vision will be crooked and our assumptions askew. Not a few Christians never get the real Gospel. They remain all their lives in a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil and never get to live in the Spirit even though they value the gifts and the anointing. The reason for this is that they have tied themselves to the law with a bent gospel and false christ.

Leanne Payne observes that, “
The truly imaginative experience is defined as an INTUITION OF THE REAL. It is an acknowledgment of objective realities (those outside the self) in their transcendent, unseen dimension (perhaps we could say, in their essence). It is that which, when received, enlarges and completes us, for it speaks to and unites with some lonely facet of our own being. All true worship, knowledge, and art come out of this. At its highest level, the truly imaginative experience (intuition of the
real) is the experience of receiving from God

The most perverse and confusing vision with its twisted mindset is an experience that people think comes from God, but which in fact comes from the anti-christ spirit that denies the reality of the incarnation even while extolling its virtues. Such are ‘gospels’ of the law, cultures of religion, communities of the cross inverted and a partial atonement with a humanity mediated god. We must understand that God mediated God in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. There’s nothing more direct than Christ in you.

A most subtle counterfeit of the Gospel is Arminianism in which persons get to believe they must earn Christ and be worthy of Him in order to fellowship with Him. In other words, you have to be good at ‘keeping close to Jesus’ in order to be saved by Jesus. Which means your salvation depends on you. The fact is however that Christ is our life in every way.