His Kingdom in you and the world

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It’s not hard to make ‘another gospel’ as Paul called it. Join together a whole chain of scriptures that have no relation to each other and you can start a cult, a sect or a denomination.

The words of the Bible are not meant to be read off the page as if we are reading ‘The Australian’. The word of God is meant to be read ‘in God’ which is to say in union with Him – also called the Jesus Lens. Read independently and as a thing in itself the Bible is not the word of God. It becomes the living word when we are reading as a person who is alive in Jesus. This assumes that one has embraced the new covenant and that Christ is one’s life. Then we are in union with the one who inspired the paragraphs and the book. We are sharing the revelation of those who wrote down the deposit of truth that had become part of their life in God.


“The Scriptures are there for us to encounter the very love of God and Christ. When we read the scriptural text and the Spirit of God illumines the text and we hear the living voice of Christ speaking to us the “love of God,” we’re not simply reading information on the page, we’re actually coming to participate in God’s love. That [is] participatory knowledge.” (1)

Just as we cannot be our real self in separation from Jesus so we cannot elicit the true meaning of scripture living in the cage of the law. A ‘law lens’ will annul the real meaning of the Bible, slander God and turn the Believer into a parody of her real self.


God is not contained in the law or defined by the law. God is relationship and God is the trinity. God is Himself, fully personable and self-authenticating: The I AM of Himself. It is the three personed God who is expressed as Jesus Christ and it is Jesus Christ who is the door to our fellowship with this GOD. In Christ we know light and life and in Christ we are alone capable of rendering the meaning of the written word harmoniously with the Living Word. Karl Baath writes,

“In Jesus Christ there is no isolation of man from God or of God from man. Rather, in Him we encounter the history, the dialogue, in which God and man meet together and are together, the reality of the covenant MUTUALLY contracted, preserved, and fulfilled by them. Jesus Christ is in His one Person, as true GOD, MAN'S loyal partner, and as true MAN, GOD'S [partner]. He is the Lord humbled for communion with man and likewise the Servant exalted to communion with God.”

This is the union you possess and the union and fellowship that enables a correct understanding of the Bible and with it a proper perception of all things that come across our path in our journey in the world.

Union with God makes us life-giving spirits. This new covenant union – the annulment of Adamic separation is the soil that nourishes the light and the life to which Jesus is the Door. Rooted in this rich deep soil we are positioned to bear excellent fruit. But living in any kind of separation from God as we do in the law and the old covenant our comprehension of the real meaning of scripture is confused and even the gifts of the Spirit are problematic rather than a guaranteed advantage.

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