His Kingdom in you and the world

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Recently I wrote that the task of the apostolic minister is to empower Believers to ‘see’. (Not talking about being an apostle. But talking about new covenant ministry.) To equip them to accurately know God as God is; to see the gospel of the Kingdom as that gospel and not some variation and to know ourselves as we are in spirit and in truth in Christ.


We may have a religious view of ourselves that is ‘Christian’ but it is neither spirit or truth. This is not because we are bad people. It may be because we have trusted people who have lied to us or because we have been raised in a culture that has never really understood what the cross of Jesus accomplished for us.

Then again it may be that we don’t see because we do not want to see. We value our identity in our sub-culture more than we prise our identity as a son of God. We can be sons notionally in the former identity. We are sons/daughters in spirit and in truth when we have one Father and one husband who is Christ.

Let’s not be betrayed into thinking we are sons of the free woman when we are sons of the slave woman.

Christian ministry “Has only one job description: how to make one out of two. For Christians, that is “the Christ Mystery,” whereby we believe God overcame the gap from God’s side. God does all the work, the heavy lifting, and always initiates the longing. Some called it “prevenient grace,” which makes the point quite well. The deepest human need and longing is to overcome the separateness, the distance from what always seems “over there” and “beyond me.” (1)

The key to peace and life is to live in Christ’s Gospel rather than in our own.


So jumping through hoops be gone! The hoop has been jumped through – but not by you. You and Christ are one. So drop this talk about ‘keeping close to Jesus.’ We are one with Jesus when we sin and when we don’t. Just live in His grace and life. You will like yourself more, become a better self and be less reliant on those things that you have applied to your being like stickers that are your false self.

With Jesus, Paul and John and those you have let religion go and rid yourselves of the contract that bound you - because it is no longer there. You have become a son/daughter in spirit and in truth. Growing in Christ means that you are growing in sightedness and growing in you and producing much fruit.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self. SPCK. Kindle Edition.