His Kingdom in you and the world

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  1. I’ve noticed that Americans usually speak of ‘earning a PhD.’ I guess they did but being an academic and lover of ideas I’d prefer to think of the joy of an adventure on the way to such a degree. God’s life is not earned. It’s believed.
  3. The natural person as opposed to our spiritual self seeks to earn union with God. All ‘knowledge tree’ religion does this. It has an innate sense of separation that must be overcome because in our Adamic self we are indeed separated. Many people, some communities of faith and entire denominations can be built on the false notion of separation. While the atonement is real and accomplished it is not real for them. Some adhere to a partial at-one-ment and others have not heard of the new covenant. We create our own realities which is why we must ensure that the reality we live in is the reality of Christ and the apostles.
  4. Our key ideas establish the social reality in which we live. Denominations can be affixed to false doctrine for the same reason as families are glued to their tradition of dysfunctional ideas. Sometimes entire nations become ineffectual burdened with corrupt governments staggering about as failing or already failed states. Failing because of their belief systems and the tenor of social life they produce.
  6. Michael Kepler observes that “Religious thinking believes we can attain a moral standard acceptable to God, but it’s simply another form of self-righteousness that Jesus tried to discourage. It will lead to either hypocrisy or a false sense of separation from God. Paul used the example of Abraham, which occurred long before the law came. Abe decided to take matters into his own hands by having a child with his servant Hagar instead of waiting for the child that was promised by God through Sarah. These women represent the two covenants.”
  8. One is the covenant of separation. The other is the covenant in which you and our Father are one. Fortunately the truth is more wonderful than many have been led to believe. Christ is your life in every possible way. There is no link you must forge for union with God. Jesus is the one and only link with heaven and our fellowship with the trinity. This is because under the provision of the vicarious humanity of Christ, JESUS IS YOU. Jesus is us. This is the church He has built without human hands.
  9. Jesus is the one and only life-giver, the one and only way. He is the incorruptible seed from which our new life as sons and daughters grows. In Him all has been done that needs to be done. He is your life and the living way of making you an imparter of life in the things you touch and the things you do. Kriston Couchey writes,
  10. “If you have been born of the incorruptible seed of Christ and have been joined to Him and are One Spirit with Him, you cannot get any closer to Him then what you are. You are partaking of the very nature and being of the Godhead. What you can do is silence the voice of religious lies that says you have to do something more to be closer to God and trust Him when He says that what is finished is true and He will never leave or forsake you.” (1)There is no life in holy, days, holy clothes or holy places. Because Christ is in you and with you, you have a holy life – a life in which you are whole.
  11. Many have built a life on a foundation of lies. They are not bad people. They just trusted people they should not have trusted or built on a foundation that is the life of Adam perpetuated as the gospel. You have a life that is not a lie. This life is Jesus as you, Jesus as us - us as the new creation Kingdom of God.
  12. (1) Kapler, Michael C.. Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee. Kindle Edition.