Life and vision promote life and vision. In a personal Jesus we have this in spades. ‘He who has the Son has life.’ And again ‘In Him is life that life is the life of all.’ John Powell, who knew this, wrote a book entitled ‘Fully Human, full alive.’ Another book in the fullness of life tradition is Raising the Dead about a heart and spirit that is fully alive.

Riches in Christ may not mean physical wealth. And seldom popularity. True freedom and godliness un-burdened by religion is resented by the religious. Un-encumbered Godliness is viewed by them as somehow cheating. Well of course it would be if your religious life is one of accruing entitlement by observing externalities.


Wealth in Christ is the spirit and life that is yours in an un-abridged, un-encumbered direct union with Christ. When Christ is our life all that is Christ’s resurrection is ours to ignite our spirits and souls in this life.

Martin Kingsley could never understand why his mother was so involved in praise and worship, yet lived such an inhibited, life-denying life. An alive spirit and a robust soul comes from Christ in us and Christ as us. Never equate Godliness with inhibition and dullness. Godliness is not hiding from life. It’s Christ our life.


I cannot celebrate enough the genius of our Lord and God in making His new and living way so new and living - so personal and unaffected by artifice or the humbug of religion. Just in case you are offended as one of the religious, you need to know that there is nothing sacred about religion and no life in it. Religion is the most subtle kind of idolatry in existence. It’s what we do to fill a space that we think is absent of God. Religion is about us and usually involves some contract we have invented for ourselves. We can think it is the way to God. Some people even think religion is God, having never had an encounter with His real presence through a present Holy Spirit.


But God is Himself. He is I AM and enjoys being with us and in us. The way to have a real God instead of a religious existence is to embrace a personal Jesus. Jesus is so personal that He comes as an incarnation, woven into our being and as He said, ‘In us and with us.’

We get to be ourselves by inviting Jesus to be Himself in us. When whole communities do this we have the church He builds - without human hands. This church is the expanding Kingdom of God and it has little to do with institutionalism except of the repentant kind. Genuine fellowship with God is not about the venue or the building. We can fellowship intimately with God in His presence simply because we choose to. Yet Holy Spirit is a must in this. Christ is an incarnate presence and at times appears as an objective presence often called the manifest presence.


Thus, in a manner of speaking we are like flowers. Liberated from the weeds of religion and from the many artifices of the world; set free from law and legalism and pedantic rites and observances, we have become the expression of the Sun of Life, the soil of our Father and the air of Holy Spirit. We are in them, surrounded by God who
expresses Sonship through us each in the fullness of our unique identity and joy of being. Like the flowers in this garden we simply give glory to God by basking in His presence and being ourselves.


Just so you know and in case I have not been clear enough,
Christ is your life. Don’t expect to live in the fullness of Jesus, to advance from glory to glory or to touch the lives of others with spirit and life if your life is no more than what church has made you. Again don’t see yourself as a life-changer if you are merely the expression of a culture - of what Christians should do. That’s not it at all. As a son or a daughter you are the habitation of the trinity and the manifest presence of Jesus. It’s Christ in you who makes you alive, makes you human and builds bridges between you and others. This is the spirit of the son of man in you who is spirit and life.

Expect to grow into the fullness of a daughter and son if you are hidden in Jesus, formed in His Spirit and your being (flesh) is the result of His manifestation as you. In Jesus you are the expression of Christ. In anything else you are the product and expression of those things that are actually a substitute and replacement for His person and being. There is one mediator of His life and this is Him - in the agency of Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Sonship that is the ministry of our Father. They all have a hand in it since they are one.


‘This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God’ 1 John 4.2 NIV. This scripture is less about discerning demons and more about the multiplication of Jesus in us in this age.

There is no substitute for a personal Jesus as Lord of our lives and who is intimately entwined in our being. His stuff is not Him. Only He is Himself which is understandable because He is “I am.” He is the meaning and actuality of spirit and life. This life does not come from the law. Neither does it come from the church as an institution. It comes from Jesus and is ours when Christ is our life.