His Kingdom in you and the world

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Truth brings liberty from bondage and death. It also drives out non-life. If our passion for truth is our passion because we know that truth is life and any dilution of truth is some degree of death, we are one with Jesus and a genuine disciple of His.There’s a reason the pure in heart see God, have more of God and are His spirit and life. As sons they are the manifestation of His life.

‘Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’ John 14.6 NIV. With Jesus as our life we are alive in spirit and life.


Jesus is not peripheral, not an addition to our church program and not an add-on to our Belief System. He is the I AM of God and the authentication of you as a real, rather than a pseudo-self. With Christ as our life we are ourselves in spirit and truth, Godly in spirit and truth and a life-giver in spirit and truth. Contained in the law and old covenant we are something less.


With Christ as our life we possess the clarity and certainty that was the armoury of Jesus, Paul and John. This comes not from any personal cleverness but from the advantage of living in truth personified instead of living in religion. ‘Born into the faith’, we are born into religion. God uses the first part of life to school us in the truth that this is not where life and light are to be found. We are not in God because we do ‘right things.’ We are in God because we agree that Jesus has already drawn us into His life, His fellowship and His companionship with the trinity.


Understanding comes from joining the dots. Discerning the Kingdom comes when we discover the prime dot – the one that casts the others in their proper relationship and genuine meaning. This ‘dot’ is the recognition of our ‘being in God’. This has been accomplished in the teaching of Jesus, His cross, resurrection and return in the Spirit. It is real because being in Him we are in God. Jesus is not only our righteousness. He is Meaning itself.

The Jesus lens means that everything in the Bible and everything concerning salvation and ultimate life must be understood through Him. All life is in Him.


Today Jesus’ command is not ‘keep these commandments.’ His command is ‘I am your life.’ It’s as simple and profound as that. Michael Kapler observes,

Covenant clashers will insist, “All of the Ten Commandments are found in the New Testament.” Considering the many references we’ve uncovered so far about the law given to Israel and the failed results experienced in that former covenant, do we see any exhortation by writers in the New Covenant for you and I to specifically abide by the list of those commandments?

I know people will read this into it because we’ve been under that assumption, but the answer is no. If this were the case, surely someone would have plainly referenced the entire list of those commands of “thou shall not” in at least one or all the epistles. Perhaps we would expect to find something like this—“Remember to follow all of the Ten Commandments given on Sinai, written on stone. We do not find anything even close to it and have already uncovered something quite contrary
.” (1)


Christ’s body becomes you. The meaning of the Lord’s Table is that we become one with Christ. This Table has agency when we see it as what it is. Not when it is a routine. We are authentically Christ's Body not because we are a Christian but because we are one substance with Christ. This is Lord' Table in spirit and in truth.


The core of the Kingdom is the incarnation. Our oneness with God. The gifts and the anointing may lead to this fullness in Christ but as themselves they are not the Kingdom of God.

God does not means for us to be proficient in the gifts yet be a shadow of our true selves, or a shamble of emotional disease.

The Gospel of Jesus and Paul of the apostles and church fathers and authentic Christianity is that Christ is our life. Whether it is our gospel determines if we are actually alive and sons of God or we just think we are. The church the ministry of sacraments is a shadow of the real. The Real Church is you and all of us as the manifestation of Christ: This is His body. The church is the community of those who live in the sacrament of the incarnation – those for whom Christ is life and themselves are a living sacrament in a living life.

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