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‘You will know the truth and the truth will set you free’. We are talking here of more than an intellectual ‘knowing.’ We mean to know the ‘being’ of a truth by revelation. Such revelation may come as a vision or dream. Or it may not. It may just enter your mind because you pursue God and in doing so your passion is for life and truth. We are pointing here to the great issues of life – the metafacts of being and knowing life as itself. Knowing in oneness with God is all that the letter is not.


Leanne Payne observes that, “
Some of these discoveries are best described (it seems to me) as simply mythic. In an intense moment, the greater meaning of a thing is disclosed to us. We've met it before, perhaps, in some of its isolated particulars, but now its meaning floods in upon us in an overpowering way.” (1)


Revelation does not have to be dramatic or accompanied by a sensation of the Presence. If an understanding enters you, it does so because you are an unconditional seeker of the Lord. This knowing will become you. Become part of your life and when uttered will be words of spirit and life – not just words that are the abstractions of the letter that kills genuine life. Some people express this spirit and life because Christ is their life. Others never do because they have never been born out of religion into union with God.

Such enlightening experiences are the province of new covenant Believers. Our likelihood of receiving them is enhanced this side of the cross because it is only on this side that we have the oneness with God that is incarnation.


Leanne Payne writes, “
An intuition of God differs only in degree from the sudden intuition of a truth in Nature or Super-Nature-but the manner in which the revelation comes and the intuitive and experiential nature of the knowing is much the same. This is the true imagination at work.
It is from the receiver's side an intuition of the real, and from the object's
side a revelation imparted. The spirituals, such as the gifts of knowledge and of wisdom, are part of it. Listening prayer, incarnation, and baptism in the Holy Spirit are part of it. C. S. Lewis calls it joy. There is little wonder, then, that Oswald Chambers has called it the greatest gift (faculty) we have the faculty of receiving impartations of that which is other than ourselves

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