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The new covenant is our post cross life. It is the Kingdom of God in spirit and truth.
The new covenant is not a notional position. It must never be seen as a new kind of legalism. It is what it is: Christ’s life as ours. There is nothing as simple yet so profound. This is the way in which the Son of God is multiplied in Human beings so that together they are a new society to be known as THE NEW CREATION.
The new creation is not found in the old covenant because life in Moses and Adam are not the Kingdom of God. The new creation expands when we believe that Christ is our life. Allow Him to live in us
and be us so that as a community of Believers we are the Kingdom of God.
The new covenant, aka the new wineskin is not the Old Testament with a Jesus super-charger. It’s Christ as you. To live in the law and speak the Spirit is a contradiction as Paul teaches in Galatians. To preach grace yet live in the law is to reveal a lack of understanding of Christ’s achievement for us.
And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory’ Col 3.4 NLT. Christ has been revealed and our glory is to be the expression of Him: Incarnation.
Prior to the death of Jesus, the Jews were married to the law. If you keep even one law you are married to this law, which means you are married to abstractions. This situation is guaranteed to desiccate our soul. In Him is life and that life is the light of men. When Christ is our life we are that light and life. Jesus had it. It’s spirit and life.
“So How did God resolve this difficult and seemingly impossible marriage situation? Since the law wasn’t going to die, Paul explains that the people themselves were killed and made to die. How? By God placing them in the body of Christ at the cross. Having died to what they had been held by (the law), the people became free to marry another (Christ), and enter into a new and different covenant.” (1)
It's difficult to flourish in life if you are married to an anti-life person. We can be offended if we like - but if we are married to the law we are either pro a
limited life or anti-life. The proof of this is the murder of Jesus. While as spouses of the law we may achieve moderate kindnesses, we can never deeply love ourselves or love others. Not only this. Most of our good works are designed to demonstrate worthiness to ourselves and to God. Such bondage suffocates the spirit and anesthetises the soul.
Spend your entire life hooked to the law and in this life you will never know who you could have become.
Many good and sincere people live a life of subtle slavery. The have had bad teachers, some of whom have lied to them. Others are able to cover their carnality with a veneer of politeness. Others spend their entire lives condemning people with far better characters than they. This can run in families and sometimes in churches.
Paul tells us forthrightly that if the law is still what we are living from then for us ‘
Christ died for nothing.’ He says that God’s righteousness has been made our righteousness ‘apart from the law.’ He tells us that this has occurred according to the primordial plan which is ‘Christ in you’. John is specific about this declaring the incarnational truth that we are woven into God and God into us. He is more direct in his statement that the core of the Kingdom is Christ come in our being along with the warning that a dilution of this such a ‘law-revisionism’ is the work of the anti-christ spirit.
Married to Christ, which is simply a matter of saying ‘I do’ we are divorced from the law and united not only with Jesus but bonded in fellowship with the trinity.
We are speaking of a real marriage in which we are so to speak a rib taken from Jesus (Last Adam’s) side.
This is why the claim to be of the Body of Christ when the law rather than Christ is our life is meaningless. Look at it this way. If we marry and do not consummate the marriage, in what sense are we really married? We have the shadow but not the reality. The law is a shadow. The reality is Christ.

(1) Kapler, Michael C.. Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee . Kindle Edition.