His Kingdom in you and the world

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The wonder of conception and the birth of sons and daughters into the world is the result of intimate and joyous love between a husband and a wife. It is a small microcosm of the joy lived by our trinitarian God and their desire to share this unlimited life with beings similar to themselves. We are not saying that the trinity has gender and sex but we are saying that our own togetherness as men and women comes from a pattern of life that is God.*


We are saying that the basis of our life in God was never the law and has always been the nature of the trinity and the enterprise of the trinity in being God and drawing us into themselves. In so doing we become our real selves as sons and daughters of God – not as pious phlegmatics or inhibited religionists but as sons who are sons and daughters because we are lovers of life and because we are loved by that life.


One of the joys of life is that we are like our parents, yet distinct from them. A most satisfying aspect of being a son or daughter of our parents is that we share their being but are distinctly ourselves. We might notice that Eve shares Adam’s being quite literally, yet is truly herself as woman and human. Eve’s coming out of Adam is itself a likeness to our coming from the being of the trinity – birthed as ourselves as sons and daughters of God out of God.


Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola are right when they describe the church as coming from Christ’s pierced side as the New Eve, bride of Christ. “Just as Eve was inside Adam before she appeared, the church was “in Him [Christ] before the foundation of the world” before she appeared. Just as God put Adam into a deep sleep, Jesus was put into the deepest sleep of all—death. Just as God opened Adam’s side to bring forth Eve, the side of our Lord was opened on the cross. Out of it flowed water and blood—the outstanding marks of birth. The pierced side of Jesus is the womb from which the bride of Christ was born. The water that poured out of Him reminds us of the living waters that poured forth from the rock when Moses struck it in the presence of Israel.143 Paul told us “that Rock was Christ.” (1)


This is a remarkable and insightful joining of the dots that meshes with the living pattern of the trinity as God’s nature, God’s imparting of Himself and His life into His created sons and daughters. God is drawing alienated humans into Himself to guarantee the vision of our creation.

“The oneness of the Father and the Son and the oneness of the Son and the Spirit arc inseparable from one another in themselves as they are in their economic manifestation toward us. God the Father communicates himself to us in his Son and imparts himself to us in his Spirit in such a way as to enable us to receive his revelation and participate in the movement of mutual knowing and loving between the Father and the Son.” (2)

This joy in fellowship is our womb and our destiny. Manifest in Jesus Christ and made our life in His life, this is the law of the Spirit of Life. It is the life Paul contrasted with the stultified life of the letter that kills.

* The notion that the law is the pattern of a holy life is at worst a lie and at best a cunningly designed fable.

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