His life as your life


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There are books about practising the Presence. It’s a wonderful thing to live in the real presence rather than a ‘religious presence.’ The Lord’s Table is a pantomime of oneness with God. The lived reality is your embrace of what already is.

In the post cross age the sacrament is your life – Christ in you and as you.


Much can be made in charismatic circles about being ‘in His Presence.’ At times it is intimated that ‘the Presence’ is more in church than in other places and more at the front of the stage than other church spaces. Or that God is present on some days more than on others. Not so. The presence of God is in us and among us. The presence of God is incarnated in all who believe and not far from those who don’t.

The manifest presence of God, where you are is you.


It’s good to talk of practising the presence and better to live positively in it. But His presence is not somewhere else. The trinity is present in you. Not because you earned it but because Christ Jesus did.

What is the achievement of the enterprise of God? It’s that the Father who was in and with Christ is in you – specifically the oneness of Jesus and the trinity is now your oneness and is active in you. Look at it this way, “The very same love that God is in Godself, the love of the Father to the Son in and through the Holy Spirit, is the same love God pours out on fallen humanity in the incarnate life and work of the Son.” (1) This is the same Presence that is alive in you.


Put another way, the union of God that is enjoyed in the trinity – the oneness that exists between Father, son and Holy Spirit is now yours in spirit, soul and body and in your relationship with God.

The incarnation is rest for human restlessness. The incarnation is the fact of your life. You need not earn it. You already have it. But you need to practise it. It’s practising the reality of God in you. Make it your mindset.

This is not an invitation to invent new sacraments and religious motions. It is simply to live in the reality that you are one with God. As such it may mean abandoning false doctrine about earning intimacy through the law. It will certainly involve repenting of moralism as your religion. But it will involves rest, peace, energy from God, the ability to have Christ express Himself as you and the emergence and growth of your real self. Commonly called the new birth.

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