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We will have more success with answered prayer if we are living in oneness with God. I don’t mean oneness with religion or an attempt to get answered prayer by twisting Jesus’ arm, so to speak. I mean that we can expect that the anointing and gifts of the Spirit work much better if we are of one mind with the Lord due to His incarnation in us, than if we have attempted to bolt the gifts of the Spirit onto law-bound old covenant religion.

Jesus exulted that He and the Father were one. In the post cross age the gift to us from Jesus is to possess His oneness with Father. In this oneness it is not difficult to know what Jesus is knowing and do what Jesus is doing. This is incarnation.


We will be aware of what Jesus is thinking when we are one with Him because we have learned to cohabit with a personal Jesus. Our praying will change and we will find ourselves praying more specifically because we have left behind the piety of generalised prayer that belongs to a generalised and sometime vaporous Christianity.


There is the ‘bless this, bless that’ prayer that is entirely meaningless and unconsciously designed to be so because we don’t really believe in a Jesus who is part of our life in a significant way – because our relationship is with religion. I know this is so because I used to live this way. I didn’t know any better.


‘Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' Matt 7.23 NIV.

This may seem a severe saying but it is a statement of fact. The knowing cited here is the knowing Jesus enjoyed with Father and the knowing that the trinity enjoy with each other. It’s the knowing of a husband and wife in a good marriage. It’s the knowing of oneness. We can live outside of this because we have never been taught to know it or we can live in externalities because we like large compartments of our lives for ourselves. This knowing comes from being. From being one with Jesus. He has made us one with Himself. We just need to live in it instead of living in Christianity.


We will sense Jesus in our lives subtlety and in direct manifestations once we pass from religion as a habit or an ideology to Jesus as a person. We will see even more of the miraculous and the power of Holy Spirit if we invite Holy Spirit into our lives and seek the Spirit’s anointing.


Yet a Jesus Life is more than miracles and gifts. It’s incarnation which is the manifestation of Jesus as you and the fullness of the trinity as you and of us.

Any person that is alive in their spirit always has a one to one relationship with Jesus. You can sense it in them. It is the One Spirit that makes us aware of God in others and in ourselves. An attachment to the law insulates us from Jesus, from ourselves and from others.

People do speak words of knowledge, have visions and dreams and heal people in this day and age. But mostly where they believe that Jesus is alive and with us in person and when they have abandoned the false doctrine of cessationism because they have witnessed that it is simply a lie.


Brian Zahnd observes that, “Most of us could stand to be a bit more like Bartimaeus. As we continue in our Christian life we may experience enough disappointments in prayer that we slip into praying safe prayers—prayers that never risk disappointment.

We no longer pray boldly like Bartimaeus; instead we pray careful prayers—prayers that are so vague and ambiguous that we would be hard-pressed to tell whether or not they were ever answered.

I understand this inclination and there have been times in my own life when I have slipped into praying this way. But if we never actually ask Jesus to specifically and definably intervene in our life, though we may shield ourselves from disappointment, we also preclude the possibility of experiencing a miracle. We need to risk disappointment in prayer.” (1)

(1) Zahnd, Brian. The Unvarnished Jesus: A Lenten Journey (pp. 22-24). Kindle Edition.