His Kingdom in you and the world

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You may have been raised in a culture in which it was believed that the law is the mirror from which one should assess one’s progress and merit. There are seemingly benign versions of this but they always leave us less than ourselves. Then there are more acid versions that create for us and others a bed of nails – from an inability to accept ourselves along with a motivation to criticise others.


Should we be a leader in a church organisation this mindset will shrink our ability to create the Kingdom in our area of responsibility. Because we live in judgment and criticism we micro-manage situations and we pull down those who we think could be a threat to us. Like those who are more life-giving than ourselves.

A distressing aspect of conservativism is an anti-life attitude. This was seen in the crucifixion of Jesus. But it is the motivation behind all opposition to progress.

Law-inmates do not multiply spirit and life. They suck oxygen out of the air. It’s unfortunate that they have been deluded into believing that what they have is godliness and disappointing too, that where legalism is the fabric of an institution, it must rely on inmates who are less alive in their brains and in their spirit.


In some institutions ineffectual leaders are chosen because they are no threat to a corporate culture that is founded on lies. These febrile persons rely on sycophants to prop them up in their job. Not blessed with intelligence or creativity these foot soldiers become the succession plan of these un-remarkable leaders. The result is that febrile leadership is embedded in the culture of the institution. Yet all the while institutions that are throttled by mediocrity have occasional oases of spirit and life that flow from Truth-Tellers. This is because there are people for whom loyalty to the gospel of Jesus is more important than an adherence to a false gospel and perverted teachings spewed out in the name of God.


There is much to be said for the view that Jesus was crucified because He was TOO ALIVE.

He was a threat those who were used to making a life for themselves out of a culture of non-life. This culture (body of death) is alive today. It motivated tobacco manufacturers to deny the ill health contained in their product.

Similar contrived blindness causes vested interests to deny that it is WE AND OUR STYLE OF LIFE that causes climate change. Such greed motivated thinking is not just the preserve of the coal industry. It permeates all who insist that they are entitled to live the way they are already living - even though their life-style is killing the earth.

It’s easy enough to rant about abortion or militate that black lives matter, yet harbour views that will lead to the death of the thousands of people and of the earth.

Jesus is among us by the Sprit to save us from our killing of the earth and of ourselves.

There is a LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE that is not a list or a set of regulations or ideals. This ‘it’ is not actually an ‘it’ but a person. None other than the person of Jesus Christ who in the post cross age comes to live in you. The saints of this present age are Jesus multiplied. This is the real church of God and the real Body of Christ. In Jesus we are one with the Family of the Trinity and one with each other.

As part of the Body of Christ we are life-givers in the mode of Jesus – if we take being his disciples seriously.


To see and know Jesus is to see and know yourself. Which means that it is so important to have the actual Jesus and not some counterfeit production and toady of the law as our false christ. In our new creation life The One who is the fullness of God lives in us and shares His Spirit into our being. This is the incarnation which is the living way that replaces the dead way of Adam, Moses and the old testament. Jesus is our life personally and in all of us the power of the new creation that saves the earth from the destruction of selfish people.

Jesus is our one and only mirror.

We become what we believe. Believe that the law is our Father and we will shrink in our humanity. Believe that Christ is who we are and we always be more than ourselves and keep advancing as sons and daughters throughout eternity.

“To believe that God is, and that he is indeed the origin of your being, sets the stage to experience him. The face-to-face encounter with the mirror reflection of your true and redeemed origin, preserved and perceived in Jesus, the blueprint of God’s thought, ignites the law of perfect liberty. Just like when “the ugly duckling” suddenly realized in the reflection of its image the truth that freed the swan to be swan indeed, Jesus is not merely an example for us but of us!” (1)

(1) Du Toit, Francois. God Believes in You. Mirror Word Publishing. Kindle Edition.