There is a power in hiddenness in Christ who multiplies life. Richard Rohr is correct when he opines that with many of us, the self-made man/woman is not who we are. The real self is who we are in Christ. If we have made Him our life rather than a person to hang our beliefs on, we will grow into the Real Self over the period of our life.
Jesus told Nicodemus that unless he was born again he could not see the Kingdom of God, meaning that He would not know his real self or have the discernment to recognise real people. In terms of the value that money is the measure of all – Mr Joyce of QANTAS  was a success. Whether he was a success as a person is open to debate. I read a book in which the writer tells of a vision of Jesus he had while on the operating table. In it Jesus was not interested in his achievements. His enquiry was, ‘How have you been doing at ‘being yourself?’
Timothy Keller wrote of Jesus, “Consider how greatly he would have failed if he had followed the world’s advice for becoming successful. What if he had come as a philosopher with a great intellectual system of thought? Then the only people helped by him would have been the intellectuals. What if he had led a powerful movement of moral teaching with himself as the living example? Then only the people strong, able, and accomplished enough to imitate him would have benefitted.
“But across both history and the nations of the world, we have seen people from all classes and conditions finding peace and power in the gospel of Jesus. Poor people do not gather in homes to discuss Plato or Aristotle, but they do to study and talk about the message of Jesus, and their lives are changed by it.” (1)
If we are still in a Christianity of law, our relationship to ourselves and others will be hindered by layers of prevarication and religion. We will not have been born again. Should we live to uphold and maintain a bent gospel that has been passed on to us, we hinder Christ’s Gospel and the True Self we could have become. Satan’s ploy since his defeat by the cross has been to promote false christs and false gospels and false people. The Enemy’s purpose is to dull Believers and hinder the advance of the New Creation.
(1)    Timothy Keller. Hope in Times of Fear The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter. 88.