His Kingdom in you and the world

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Jesus of Nazareth was fully man and fully God. The teaching of the Church Fathers is that Jesus Christ is one substance with God. Because Jesus is one of us this has the effect of joining us to the fellowship of God that is the trinity. The nature of the trinity is personality and oneness. The tenor of the trinity is love, life and joy. The truth about us and the trinity is that this is our origin, our womb.


Present truth is that in Jesus we belong in this fellowship. The agency of ourselves comes from the fact that we are incarnated with the trinity and are sons and daughters of God.

This is our life and this is the flowering of our best self. Your true identity is not found in your profession, accomplishments or your church but in Jesus Christ.

The self that you are is the relationship between Jesus and you.

“We believe that humanity was created to find its identity in a relationship with God. The story of Jesus as found in the Bible shows us how to do that. Neither of us wants to bend the world to see things through our eyes. But we do want to entice the world to see things through Jesus’ eyes.

Virtually every biography of Jesus begins with the nativity account in Bethlehem. The Jesus theography.. begins the story of Jesus at “the beginning.” FROM ETERNITY PAST TO THE SECOND COMING. According to Scripture, the Jesus story doesn’t begin in Bethlehem or Nazareth. It begins in eternity past, when the Word (Jesus in His preincarnate state) “was with God, and. . . was God.” So we will tell the Jesus story, not “from the womb to the tomb,” but from eternity past (as the pre-existent Son) to His second coming (as the post-resurrected, risen Lord).” (1)

This means that you can do better than think of ‘original sin’ as an account of human nature. It means that since Jesus Christ came from eternity, so did you, in that we are all the creation of Christ. You were known before Adam and Eve were shaped out of clay and returning to dust is not the conclusion of you. In Christ all are made alive in every way. You have a destiny now because Christ has come in your flesh and you have eternal life to reign as yourself in increasing glory as a son/daughter of God.

* Present truth is never some reversion to the law. It a more compete baptism into Christ come in our flesh.

(1) Sweet, Leonard. Jesus: A Theography. Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.