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If you found yourself brought up in a fundamentalist/rationalist Christian culture you may have come to ‘life in the Spirit and the gifts’ with a sense of relief but also a degree of naivety. The anointing and the gifts are part of the our Kingdom armoury but certainly not all of the Gospel.


Firstly life in the Spirit is neither the anointing or the gifts. This life is our oneness with God in the new covenant age of incarnation. Nevertheless the ministry of Holy Spirit and the gifts are related to *life in the Spirit*, which is more properly called life in the *new covenant*.

To be precise, such a life is our excision from the law and our living totally from Christ who is our life. The start of this life is the beginning of our new birth. We are not born again if we remain tied to the law. We are born again when Christ and not religion becomes our life.


The experience of the gifts and the anointing is not life in the Spirit or the Kingdom of God. A culture composed of Holy Spirit and the gifts along with signs and healing is not a full gospel. It’s another gospel. As a stand-alone this anointing cannot be maintained. It has no root and it leaves itself open to pollution by evil spirits. Any gospel that is not Christ come in our flesh comes under the influence of the [anti-christ spirit]( . This spirit manifests almost imperceptibly in a lack of spiritual discernment and an immunisation against the genuine gospel of the Kingdom.


The danger in making religion out of Holy Spirit and the gifts is twofold. It blinds us to the fact that the gospel we have is not the gospel of Christ. It leaves us in an imagined separation from God when our Adamic separation came to an end when Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’


Thomas Torrance helps explain why a mainly Holy Spirit gospel is not a real gospel. “
But there is a further difference in our use of the homoousion of the Spirit from our use of it of the Son. The Son is, as the Word, the distinctive hypostasis or Person in whom God utters or expresses himself; and it is in the incarnation of the Word [Christ] in space and time that God’s self-revelation is fulfilled. This takes place within the structured objectivities of our created world in such a way that an epistemic bridge is established in Christ between man and God that is grounded in the Being of God and anchored in the being of man.” (1)

The Gospel of Jesus and the oneness that has become ours is not a position or definition, which is to say it’s a state of being and not just a bunch of words. Our post cross life is a oneness with God that is similar to God’s oneness with Himself in the trinity.

Because Jesus is one substance with the Father and Jesus is one substance with us, we have been made one with God. This is not something to strive for. It is ours. We just need to live in it.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (pp. 100-101). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.