His Kingdom in you and the world

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We can assemble outwardly imposing theologies to maintain the law and the old covenant in the New Testament age. But these are no more cogent than the man in the supermarket who claims that he is the King of Siam.


This is not to say that old covenant Christians cannot release some living water. But it’s a matter of drops and not rivers. We are rivers of life when Christ is our life. This is when Christ is not a means to living religion and the law but He one with us so that we are His life.


It’s Christ and not Barabbas who is our model. Violence as ‘a way’ is not the new and living way. We need to keep this in mind in the discipline of our children, our marriage relations and the manner in which we treat the violent themselves.

I’m not saying that we should allow Hitler types and invaders of our country to have their way un-opposed but I do notice that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not yet produced peace. Jesus said, ‘Those who live by the sword will perish by the sword’ and many of them do.


Yet it is debatable if we can live freely to our ideals in a world that has not accepted Jesus Christ as King. We have no choice but to protect ourselves from dictators, warmongers and invaders by armed force when the occasion requires. Living in the world of good and evil where the Kingdom of God does not prevail leaves us with less than ideal options. What is the greater evil? Letting criminals murder and rape your family or eliminating the threat when you have the means to do so? You have to make a choice and whatever the choice we make, the choice is covered by Christ’s grace.


‘There is no condemnation in Christ’s Jesus’. Neither there is, but this is not a reason to say nothing about the government of fools or remain silent in the face of populist ideas that come from the egos of the dim and the ignorant.

Nevertheless, “In an age where the killing capacity of Cain’s club has been exponentially multiplied by the creation of nuclear arsenals, searching for Noah’s ark on Mount Ararat instead of seeking to rid the world of violence really is an exercise in missing the point!” (1) What is the point?

Peace, life, order and well-being are found personally in the person of Jesus and internationally in the same place. The new creation, meaning a new world order that is the multiplication of Christ in all and the effect of the trinity incarnated in human beings is the solution to violence, wars, poverty, racism and disease. Don’t expect this to become a reality if all we are doing is church or if we think Christ comes to help us do religion. No way. The incarnation is in us so that God becomes us. This is the kingdom of heaven.

(1) Zahnd, Brian. The Unvarnished Jesus: A Lenten Journey (pp. 42-43). Kindle Edition.