His life as your life



The good news of the Gospel is that God is joined to you in Jesus and you are joined to God in Jesus in all circumstances and for all time.

You are part of God and God is part of you. This has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with the undoing of Adam, the abolition of the tree of knowledge by the tree of the cross and flourishing because the Spirit of God is incarnated in you and all Believers.


Thomas Torrance is one of the foremost theologians of recent times. “A unique aspect of Torrance’s theology is his emphasis on the twofold agency of Christ. This boils down to a conviction that Jesus Christ acts at once humanward and Godward, that is, both as God towards humanity and as a human being towards God in twofold mediation. The hypostatic union, the doctrine that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human without confusion or division, becomes a dynamic movement in which Christ’s life is seen as the point of contact between all humankind and God.” (1)


You are one with God entirely as a result who God is in Christ and what He has achieved for us in Christ. The fact of His life as our life – incarnation – is the remarkable mystery of God made real in our lives. It’s real, But it’s real for you if you believe it and live from this reality. Which is why reality is Christ.


Reality is Christ undoes the bifurcated world of sacred and secular, the false dichotomy of good and evil to empower the new creation with the presence of God mediated through you and others who believe. There is no dualism where you and God are concerned. God is part of you and you are part of God. He is Father and you are son. You have the same genealogy and are one in the Spirit of Sonship.

(1)Morrison, Stephen D.. T. F. Torrance in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 2) (p. 122). Beloved Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition.