His life as your life


Our present union with God is the effect of God’s oneness in the trinity – the reality in which Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one with each other yet distinctly themselves. Incarnated with God we are one with God yet uniquely ourselves as sons of God. God is made real in our lives because God is our life.

A proper understanding of grace, our life and righteousness that comes to us in Jesus has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with the trinity and the truth Jesus declared: I have given them the glory You gave Me, so that they may be one as We are one— I in them and You in Me—that they may be perfectly united, so that the world may know that You sent Me and have loved them just as You have loved Me’ John 17.22,23.

One with God, one with self and one with others. This is achieved from union with God, never from union with the law. (The law separates and fragments). This is what Paul means when he declares that Christ draws all people and all things into Himself.

Oneness with God is the essence of salvation and the essence of our being as sons and daughters of God. We are talking the interwoveness of God’s being and ours in the spirit of sonship.

This kind of life, the state of being, that is the living word as The Word and not just words. It is the more complete meaning of Jesus as The Way, the Truth and the Life. This is as much an assertion of the essence of God as it is Christ’s description of the kind of Door that Jesus is: The Door to union with God.

Yours is a gospel in which you are one with God. Not one in which you strive to keep close to Jesus.

In Christ we are drawn into God and made one in the oneness that is the incarnation. This is new covenant life in contrast to the separation and dualism of old covenant life with its separationist ‘gospels’ and mindset that produced Arianism and legalism.

This oneness with the oneness of God is espoused and explained by Thomas Torrance in His work. “
For Torrance God’s οσία refers to God’s “being in internal relations,” which Torrance sees flowing from the μοούσιον. Owing to the μοούσιον’s implication that God is immediately present with humankind through Christ and in the Holy Spirit it follows that God’s οσία is dynamically personal. Using Athanasius as his support, Torrance argues a proper doctrine of the Trinity emphasizes the wholeness of the Godhead and approaches the individual persons “in terms of their coinherent and undivided wholeness, in which each person is ‘whole of the whole.’”

This is the foundational truth of the holistic gospel that is the one true meaning of Christ our life and Christ come in our flesh. A Christ who helps us be religious is not the Christ of the Gospel. A Christ who manifests Himself as George and Deidre is the Christ of God.

As Athanasius might put it, ‘Christ becomes us.’ And so we have the perichoresis that Paul defines as Christ our life. We are one with God but in a way that we are who we are in our identity and persons as sons of God.

A law based gospel is way off the mark. It diminishes God and dehumanises us. There is only one whole person approach. The holism in which the sons of God are a manifestation of the Son of God.
Holism and legalism are a contradiction in terms. Life in the Spirit means we are the expression of Christ. Christ come in the flesh is Christ lived as you. It is the Lord’s Table manifest in the saints. It is ‘those who eat me shall live because of me’ realised.’\

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