His life as your life



The incarnation is the Lord's Table lived in the real world.

Belonging to God and our BEING IN GOD is a wonderful reality in which to rejoice. Our God is not an unmoved mover but a trinity who is the embodiment of love and companionship.

God is not an abstraction. The Law cannot express the reality of God. Jesus Christ does and so does the trinity. It is through Jesus that God is known and in Jesus that fellowship with God as God is, is ours.


God is not Allah and God is not the law personified. Jesus Christ transcends the law in the sense that He replaces it. He is not a post cross way of keeping the law. To remain in the law when we have been woven into God is to have misinterpreted the cross. It is to have reduced the Lord’s Table to words. In Jesus we have been drawn into the being of God, which is to be one with the Holy Family.

The meaning of the Lord’s Table is that Christ becomes you.

Advance in the Christian life is not possible without repenting of mistaken ideas. All mistaken ideas originate from some lie of Satan. Each lie degrades our life in some way. Maturing from glory to glory occurs in oneness with God. A separationist mindset * maintains us in the law. It constricts people in the knowledge of good and evil. It limits our sonship and dwarfs our spirit and soul. Beliefs are not legitimate simply because they are our beliefs. They are true and life-giving when they are part of our being and we the mind of Christ.


There’s not much of God in fundamentalism and it gospel of words and definitions. But there's a surfeit of God in mysticism and the oneness that has been won by Christ so that we are one with God.

MYSTICISM is not actually mystical. It is the living out o of the truth that anything that is not Christ (God)
come in our flesh is the of the spirit of anti-christ. Sadly the percentage of the Christian church affected by this spirit is not small. We need to live in the reality that is Christ and be baptised into the reality of the incarnation – that the fullness of God is woven into our being and we are woven into God’s being.


We must repent from ways of thinking that fail to conform to the reality of God in Christ, and we must remain open to God’s reality as God reveals Godself in Christ. .. God reveals Godself first in our experiences of salvation and communion, then as we turn from our experiences to the God whom we experience, we contemplate with awe the innermost being of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This final level grounds the former levels without leaving them behind. This gives God the primacy over our knowledge of God, making necessary a repentant way of thinking and stressing the openness of our relation to the truth.” (1)

Paul’s use of the words Christ our life is profoundly mystical and practical. It means that the life of the trinity becomes the life of the church. This is the one way that the oneness of God empowers us to love each other so that the world will be amazed at our love. Every kind of legalism prevent us loving self and other and God properly because it proceeds from the spirit of self-centerness.

When Christ is our life the leaving behind of wrong and limiting ideas is an adventure and a joy. When religion is our life the invitation to repent of wrong ideas is a threat and an annoyance. If religion is all was have we are compelled to cling to it in desperation. If we are living in oneness with God and dropping off of witless beliefs we live in the promise of yet more life.

*‘Oneness with God’ which is what the Lord’s Table is upholding can be called ‘new age’ by those for whom separation is the norm. Since the cross all versions of separationism are ‘the great darkness’ being the perpetuation of the fall as misguided Christian teaching.
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