Father is a more fantastic person than we think; our life in God is more simple than most know and that the relationship that is ours today is identical to Jesus’ relationship with His Father - namely that we and Father are one! Based on this we who believe are vastly more potent than we imagine. Not only are we the righteousness and life of God. We are the finger of God in the earth.

The closest many good people get to a relationship with God is to do some charitable work. Some are unwittingly the hand of God whether they believe or not. But oneness with Christ as the Real Person of our life makes us imparters of spirit and life.

Nevertheless, without the reality of a real Jesus in our lives work for others can be a disguised form of a life about ourselves. Mary was at this stage of life. Martha was still about her life and her ‘earning’. Mary was about sandwiches that Jesus did not ask for. Mary was at Jesus’ feet allowing Him to be what He l oved to be: The imparter of spirit and life. Unless this is us we are no further ahead than the charity minded agnostic or atheist.

There is a life in God that is infinitely more than good works or religion - a life so different to religion that it might be compared to the difference between living as a pumpkin and living as a prince. Many people work for God and are involved in ‘the cause’ but enjoy little intimacy with Jesus or the personal mentoring of our Father. They live as workers for an absentee landlord who is somewhat real to them but never seen. But Jesus said, ‘I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you.’

Jesus is just as real in your life as He was in the life of John and Paul. Jesus becomes real the more we relate to Him as a real person by weaning ourselves off a life of shadows into the reality that is Christ. The Reality that is Christ is more real than the reality that we can see.

Since the cross our separation from God has been undone. This was symbolised by the tearing of the temple curtain between the holy and most holy place. When Jesus died we became one with God. When Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost God came to live in us. We have union at both ends, so to speak - the alpha and omega of Christ.

The law of Moses was given to lead to Christ. Now Christ has come to be the righteousness of God in you. And make you one with our Father. Now you live in the spirit of sonship - as yourself according to your design. The person of Jesus manifests as the unique person you are as as a son/daughter of God. You are also embraced in the fellowship of the trinity. Your position there might be said to be more real than your existence in the body - certainly this position is eternal while our life in the body is not.

The gifts of the Spirit are wonderful and a mighty aid to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. But the union and intimacy of spirit we enjoy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit through the Son of Man is exquisitely closer than this. It is incarnation.

It’s true that we can at times feel the manifest presence. This does not mean that God is absent when He is not absent to the senses. Since the cross He is incarnated in all who believe. And not just for miracles and signs. He lives in you to be you for healing and a holistic life. Is it possible to operate in the gifts with little of the intimacy that is available to sons/daughters of God. Many live largely ignorant of the experience of union that is the result of Christ and the Bride being ‘one flesh’ because they have not left behind their old covenant separated from God mindset.

Many Christians live in a quasi-law-culture just as real as the laws of Moses. They think they are not legalists yet they are bound to a matrix of behaviours more subtle and extensive than Moses rules ever were. They live from a culture of the knowledge of good and evil which is the negation of the Kingdom of God’s spirit and life.

But today Christ lives in us. It is He who is our righteousness and life. Today the way to holiness and intimacy is being conformed to the image of Jesus who enfolds us with His Spirit and lives in us. United with Him we are the spontaneous expression of His person, each in our own way in the new and living way.

Bonface Odihambo explains Christ our life as follows.

“Every species gives birth after its kind, and God has given birth
to us after His own kind. We carry the image and likeness of
our Father God. "Them that he called he also conformed to the
image of His son" (Rom 8:29), "the spirit Himself bears witness
with our spirit that we are the sons of God and He cries in us
Abba Father. " (Rom 8:14-17).

When Jesus was with His disciples He called them friends, He identified with them on a friendly basis but after the resurrection He appeared to Mary
and said to her " ...but go to My brethren and say to them, 'I am
ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and
your God." (John 20:17) After the resurrection, He calls them
brothers no longer friends. The new birth has introduced sonship. We share the same Father and God with Jesus Christ.”

In Jesus our being encounters our Father. But we have more than proximity. We have union and are interwoven into the trinity by the Son of Man who is God and our Brother. Jesus said, ‘Only the Son knows the Father and only the Father knows the Son. Because Jesus is human and God and we are part of Him, we are spiritually joined to ‘knowing God” in the Spirit of Sonship, which is also the spirit of wisdom and revelation.