His life as your life


Truth is of God and in a manner of speaking, is God. Thus Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Ultimately qualities such as truth/light are the expression of who God is – and hopefully who we are.

In Jesus you are truth and life.

Lies – any corruption of the truth - as spin, misleading inference or twisted narrative - are negations of personhood and put serious dents in our life in God.

Satan ‘made up’ a version of the truth that was a lie. As the father of lies he began a culture of falsehood that multiplies disease and death. Truth matters because it is the difference between life and death – which is why there are Believers who overflow with wisdom and life and other Believers who are only half alive in their spirit and soul. There are differences in points of view among believers that are just perspectives. And difference that are Believers, believing lies.

It’s not telling a lie to say. ‘Looks like it’s going to storm’ when the precipitation you have seen always comes from thunders storm clouds. You might just call it ‘rain’ or drizzle if raised in Melbourne. Saying ‘storm’ or ‘rain’ is not lying. Just different perspectives.

But to contend that the issue of salvation is the law and the keeping of it and proffer the slight of hand that Jesus came to keep the law and help us do the same. Well, this is a false gospel and a lie. We can gave different ways to multiply God’s incarnated life but not different gospels – without attracting a curse.

‘As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God's curse!’ Gal 1.9 NIV. Such a curse lights on those who cut themselves off from God’s truth and life.

God’s achievement for us in His Son, was not moralism. It is union with God. Incarnation is the fruit of the cross and the plan predestined from before the earth began. This is the truth and distortions of this are false gospels and lies.

We can assert that we are Bible believing Believers yet bear views that are not what the Bible teaches. This makes it possible to live in distorted views of God that do not render us Godly people because what we are worshiping is not God but a religiously generated caricature. We can have views of God that range from misguided to perverse. We make ourselves in the image of our internalised view of God. Some of us make ourselves shadows of our real selves while others make themselves monsters.

The result is that people can be named at public occasions as ‘being Godly’ when in fact they misrepresented God not by being a bad person but by being a bigot.

To know God well we must view God through Godself – which is to see Him through the Jesus Lens. God is revealed as His true self through Himself who is Jesus Christ, assisted by Holy Spirit who is also fully God.

A ‘christ’ of a gospel viewed through the law will not reveal the Christ of God or the God who is God. Crooked views of God produce bent Christians and forms of godliness that are an affront to the Kingdom and cause the wounding thousands of precious souls. Sometimes it is better to have no religion than an aberrant gospel. In ‘no religion’ people can be subject to the God who is in them and near them, minus the accretions and insulations that can be absorbed through the insulations of religious humbug.

The main influence for God and for knowing God in our lives is not the Bible but the incarnation. It is God in us and with us that enables us to receive the accurate meaning of the Bible and its portrayal of the teaching of Jesus and the apostles doctrine. To do this as emphasised in recent posts we must have one husband who is Christ. To know with authority and not as the scribes we must own what is already ours. Oneness with God.