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Today many people reject truth because they have made up their own reality. My daughter and I were talking recently. We agreed that we had noticed that good people often object to truth. I mean the truth of the Gospel of Jesus, Paul and John. People who have served Jesus all their lives can get quite upset when the Gospel of Jesus is described in terms as simple and as radical as it is. They have been socialised into a limited grace tinged with entitlement.
There are reasons for this. We can operate out of a degree of entitlement. We may live from an implicit contract that comes from an old covenant mindset of ‘Obey and Live.’ We may not realise that this covenant finished when Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ and that a new covenant began which Paul described as Christ our life’ and which others have described in the words, ‘The vicarious humanity of Christ.’ Christ is the new covenant guarantee of our union with God. Put bluntly the new covenant is Jesus who is the guarantee in person of our union with God.
Some Believers live from a less explicit contract that is a more subtle form of entitlement  gaining. They  call this ‘service.’ With some this ‘service’ has little to do with the real Gospel because it is an edifice of works. Human beings find it hard to let go of the idea that there is nothing we can do to validate our credentials in order to purchase oneness with God. God has purchased oneness with God for us with Himself. Paul expresses this in
Galatians 2.20-21 and warns against any reliance on criteria that we might imagine would entitle us to grace. The Bible calls this the law. Paul calls it dung.
Some of us have never followed Christ by leaving behind the law, which means we come close to a false Christ and a false gospel.
Contrary to some theologies and in agreement with the Bible, Jesus did not keep the law or live from it because it was irrelevant to Him. Jesus was one with His Father and lived from His Father as the Expression of His Father. Jesus was completely Himself yet the expression of His Father in nature and righteousness. Your glory is to live as Bill or Jane as the expression of Christ. This is life in the Spirit.
Contrary to much Christian opinion Christ’s life is not mediated to us by religion, by the law, by any list of good works, by charitable witnessing or by martyrdom. Christ’s life is mediated to us personally by Christ. Paul talks of Christ in you and goes further by talking of Christ our life. Theologians call this
the incarnation. John speaks of Christ come in our flesh, which refers to the Christ and the trinity woven into our being.
Christ our life is a graced life. Jesus urged, ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. When we as Christians get a grip on this, it is the day we are born again from religion into union with God.
Jesus did not leave you a list of ten criteria. Nor did He leave you a more amorphous set of ‘Christian Values.’ Jesus left you Himself to be you. This is why, unless we ‘eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of Man we have no life in us’. No spirit and life that is. We may have oodles of religious life topped off by a couple of our denomination’s icons and an annul mission trip. All the same we remain a dead person talking if we are not living the Lord’ Table.
John Crowder observes, “
If the gospel you’ve heard is not too good to be true, it probably isn’t. The frequency of the gospel always inspires, always brings life and hope. The flavour and sound of the true gospel never puts rule and regulation and heavy trips on you. Never makes you feel you have to live up to any systematic expectations for acceptance. It always encourages, always hopes, always trusts, and always loves.”
You are either alive in your spirit in Christ or dormant in religion. You either live in grace or you don’t.
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