His Kingdom in you and the world

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‘Knowing God’ and participating in Godliness is a relationship and a state of being. It’s participation – participation in the being of God. Companionship with God is greatly enhanced when we are joined in fellowship with God as He is rather than joined to who God is not.

Throughout the world there are representations of God as animals and monsters. Within Christianity there are representations of God that diminish His love and personhood. There are gospels that will diminish your sonship and gospels that will enhance it. We must understand that the law points to Jesus but Jesus does not point to the law. He points to our Father, to Himself and Holy Spirit.


The core truth of the new testament age is that you are woven into God and God is woven into you. No law. No abstraction here. It’s personal and communal. As the Bride of Christ you are ‘one flesh’ with God.


“Good Trinitarian theology is biblical theology and good biblical theology is Trinitarian theology. Sometimes, though, what people mean by biblical theology … what we call the concordance method of doing theology. If you want to know what the Bible teaches about the “love of God,” you get out a concordance, look up all the passages that talk about the “love of God,” read them all, summarize and synthesize them, and then you have the Bible’s understanding – the biblical theology of “love” according to Scripture.


This assumes that Christian faith is primarily cognitive rather than personal and participatory. You can read everything the Bible says about the “love of God” and have a vague idea about the “love of God,” BUT STILL NOT REALLY KNOW IT. It’s like coffee – I could describe to you the aroma and flavour of coffee in great detail. I could tell you how to order it, how to fix it and drink it, but until you actually participate in the reality of coffee, you really don’t know what it is. You only have a vague and general idea.” (1) He’s talking of proof texting and position bending – binding the new testament to some extraneous position.


To live from the law is to be like man who signs the marriage certificate but never lives with his wife or consummates the marriage. It’s about being. Being is about oneness and oneness is sourced in our trinitarian God.

This is like preparing a series of talks on the spirit of sonship but failing to share its essence of spirit and life because we are a not such a son. We are outside the spirit of it because we are inside the law and old covenant. As such we have remained in Adamic separation. We and our Father are one in reality. But not in spirit it we have retained ourselves in a old covenant mindset. The reality we live in is the reality we believe we live in. Thus we are urged to live from Christ’s life and to have His mind. Religion is a shadow of the real. Reality is always Christ.

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