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Where do we look to find how should we be in order to be healed, whole, holy and Godly? How do we become sons of God not religiously but in spirit and in truth? We grow into all of this by agreeing with Christ that He is our life.
‘For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.  When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory’ Col 3.3,4 NIV. We will be revealed fully in our glory at the end of all things and daily in our glory as we grow into the authenticity of our sonship because Christ is incarnated in our being and He is becoming us. To be an agent of the Kingdom of Jesus in this life is honourable. To spend one’s life attempting to put a decent face on a misguided gospel is misguided.
To be glorious is to be who you are by creation and who you are by the redemption of Christ.
Thomas Torrance writes, “
As we read the Old Testament and read the New Testament and listen to the Word of God, the real text is not documents of the Pentateuch, the Psalms or the Prophets or the documents of the Gospels and the Epistles, but in and through them all the Word of God struggling with rebellious human existence -  in Israel on the way to becoming incarnate, and then that Word translated into the flesh and blood and mind and life of a human being in Jesus, in whom we have both the Word of God become man and the perfect response of man to God offered on our behalf. As the real text of God's Word addressed to us, Jesus is also the real text of our address to God. We have no speech or language with which to address God but the speech and language called Jesus Christ.” (1)
Just as Jesus is the Reality that was foreshadowed by the institutions and works of God that occurred before the incarnation, so today Jesus is the reality that draws us into Himself from out of the structure of religion into spirit and life.
Religion and law is the redoubt of all who do not live in the incarnation.
For many people, religion is a false christ that insulates them from Christ personally. For people who are alive in spirit and life, Christ is their life – the living way of real life in the present.
The structure of Christianity points to Christ. But it is not Christ. Nevertheless, when we live in the Communion of the church that is the community of incarnated people we are living in the Body of Christ. This kind of church is the reality that is Christ and the genuine Body of Christ. A community that lives from the law muffles the mediation of Christ and settles for a relationship that is insulated and muted by the false mediator of the law and religion. Don’t be blind people misdirected by blind guides.
When we eat at the Lord’s Table the bread and wine are not a sign of eating religion. They are the sign and the reminder that Christ is our life – directly.
Torrance is not just drawing our attention to the fact that Christ is our union with God. The implication of the incarnation is that the reality of the Kingdom is us. Incarnated with Christ you are a living word. The most effective manifestation of the Holy Spirit is you.
A faint effectiveness comes from our attachment to words, positions, doctrines and religion. The reality is the Christ of God expressed as the people of God. Directly.
The Body of Christ is not just a piece of nomenclature. The Kingdom of God is not a religion called Christianity of which Jesus is separate. The Kingdom of God is people incarnated with God because they are one flesh with Christ. One flesh because they have agreed with Jesus that He has come in their flesh. These are the Body of Christ.
(1)  Thomas Torrance, The Mediation of Christ, p.78.
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