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Eternal life, which is infinite life is to know God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent. We know God in God, which sounds redundant but which asserts that we know God in Jesus Christ and that this ‘knowing’ of the Father and the Son as Baxter Kruger observes, is imparted to us by the Spirit of Christ.

Baxter Kruger, following Torrance emphasises that "No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him” Matt 11.27 NIV. Because Christ is our life this ‘knowing’ is in us and is revealed to us by Christ who lives in us.

We need to understand that our post cross life is not an adjustment to the distorted culture of the knowledge of good and evil. New Covenant life is a radically new and living way. It’s the enfolding of our being in God’s being. It is Christ expressing Himself as us.

Myk Habets in his book Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance, observes that for Torrance, “
To know this God, who both condescends to share all that we are and makes us share in all that he is in Jesus Christ, is to be lifted up in his Spirit to share in God’s own self-knowing and self-loving until we are enabled to apprehend him in some real measure in himself beyond anything that we are capable of in ourselves. (1)

It is to be lifted out of ourselves, as it were, into God, until we know him and love him and enjoy him in his eternal Reality as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in such a way that the Trinity enters into the fundamental fabric of our thinking of him and constitutes the basic grammar of our worship and knowledge of the One God.”

This astute rendering explains why those who settle for nothing less than a Christ incarnated life of oneness with God are sharp in spiritual discernment. They are one with the Light and continually drawn into
the who of God so that His identity is learned and their Christ is the Christ of God. Not some some christ of their own imagination and the combined errors of debilitated Christianity. An undiluted following of Jesus has dividends – union with God. The pure in heart see God.

We are living in a season when many think it is ok to live in the futility and ignorance of their own ideas. We can be full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit when we are pure in heart and alive in the Light.
(1)  Myk Habets in his book Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance. Page 62.
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The Trinity in You