A lady wrote in the Age this week of her falling in love with the man who became her husband. She was attracted to him because of things they had in common. Like a love of literature, openness to ideas and a passion for truth. But “More than this” she wrote, “We abhor bigots.”
Closed-Mindedness whether in politics of religion stunts us as persons and embeds us in ‘crooked seeing’ aka blindness. We can if we are not monitoring ourselves be openly boorish or quietly smug about our beliefs.
One of the hazards of socialising can be an association with those who think they know everything about everything – certain about everything and right about very little. Bigots can be found on the left or the right, but the right seems best known for its hatred of intelligence and education. Some of the latter are renowned for their hatred of science and their marriage to self-interest no matter what the effects on themselves and society. Ignorance and bigoty go together. Humility is the beginning of wisdom and agency.
A hazard of an aversion to facts can result in your house being consumed by bushfire or your business becoming submerged with water up to the ceiling. Being a nice person, yet ignorant and unteachable does not prevent vulnerability to these disasters. It makes people sitting ducks to disasters for which there are solutions if we are smart enough to listen. The calling out of such humbug can result in juvenile assertions such as ‘There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.’ As if Jesus is Lord of stupidity. Why would Jesus need to condemn those who condemn themselves by folly and ignorance of the truth that you reap what you sow.
We need not imagine that we are Godly if we have a spiritual gift yet think
we have a right to destroy the earth in the name of ‘jobs and growth’. Preserving the earth is not a cult. Rabid materialism that results in turning life/wellbeing into money is a cult called mammon. Stupidity is known by its fruit. Bigots cannot be taught and frequently call Truth Tellers bigots. They project their delinquent selves onto others. Is Jesus were to come among us in the present it does not take rocket science that He would meet the same fate among these dissemblers and  life-haters.
Jesus was life and power over sin and disease but the dead men talking insisted that He had a demon. Beware of the gibberish spoken in the name of common sense by the puffed-up and stupid. No one is compelled to be among the blind mob led by blind leaders who cannot see.