We have the joy of living incarnated. The first step in doing what Father is doing is living in what He has done - in His new covenant provision of life in the trinity and this life in us. Here we are positioned to grow into the fullness of Christ.
Jesus is more than sufficient for salvation and for life. His riches cover a lot more than forgiveness for sin and ‘going to heaven.’ Jesus is all and in all. He represents the fullness of trinitarian life and the life without limit that is heaven in us. In other words there is more to Christ our life than merely being un-dead and more to fullness than the possession of the gifts.
‘Until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ’ Eph 4.13 NIV.
The Kingdom of heaven is Christ come in our flesh. That is to to say the habitation of the fullness of the God-head in our bodies, souls and spirits. When one is alive in Jesus and not attempting life in some lesser thing, our spirit knows it and rejoices in anticipation of a constantly expanding state of being - being a human and being a son/daughter of God. There is a great difference in a person who lives out of sin consciousness and one who lives in son consciousness, fully aware that one is a son of our Father.
Jesus’ authority and anointing of the Spirit without limit arose from His union with Father. Jesus observed no law and was never beholden to law or custom. The entirety of  His being was immersed in the entirety of His Father. As such Jesus and Father were one, as they are now and as we are in Jesus.
It was the the independence from God that defined Adam’s life in the knowledge of good and evil, and all humans until the cross of Jesus and His cry. “It is finished!” The old creation of Adam was finished. Jesus’ task was finished and the reign of Satan was finished. The half-life of humans in shadows of the real had finished because the real had come. With the resurrection of Jesus we gained real life in the resurrected Christ life. Made one with God, living in the experience of the at-one-ment and positioned for the incarnation of the Holy Family in our being, all that remained was Pentecost. Here the Holy Spirit descended to make real what Jesus had already accomplished. Now people were not theoretical sons but sons of God in spirit and in truth.
The effect of the atonement is that we and Father are one. We are sons of our Father, living as His representatives with His Spirit and intention. The out-pouring of Holy Spirit makes this real. Holy Spirit is the boots on the ground of God in us. The Spirit comes from heaven and is manifest on earth in the persons of those who believe in the Son.
Fullness in Christ is not everyone expressing the gifts of the Spirit. This fullness arises from our position in our Father as sons courtesy of Jesus Christ. Gifts of the Spirit and the anointing are not some way of overcoming our failure to live in the new covenant. Holy Spirit will not empower us when we live in the law. He empowers our life as sons of our Father - rooted and built up in Him we are the sons of God. ‘Fullness’ is always a function of our Sonship in Father.
‘Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness’ Col 2.7 NLT.
We must understand that the anointing of Holy Spirit is not just the anointing of the Spirit. This is the impartation of the living reality of who we now are in Christ and the guarantee and instrumentality of who we have been re-born to be. It is the new covenant applied. It is the Spirit imbuement of the fact that we are restored to Sonship. Restored to the fullness of who sons and daughters as representatives of our Father.
“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.
Sons of God live from the Son - never from the law. With an old covenant mind-set we negate the at-one-ment by ignoring the most fundamental thing Father has done. We remain rooted in Adam rather than rooted in Father and the trinitarian life of God. Here we are sons in name only, remaining outside the fullness of Sonship in the spirit and truth of Jesus. Holy Spirit makes real what new covenant has achieved - our Sonship. We are not whole and holy because we keep the law. We are whole and holy because we are sons. Live in the law and we negate our Sonship. Live in Father and we are alive in the Spirit of Sonship. Holy Spirit is the guarantor that we are not orphans - that we are sons with the authority and life of the Son of Man. There’s a living way of being sons in spirit and truth rather than in theory.