We can know God or just think we know God. God is infinite and the Ultimate in personhood. Yet Jesus insisted that eternal life, meaning our life now in fullness and our life in eternity is realized in ‘knowing God’ and ‘Jesus Christ whom He has sent’.
To see Jesus is to see God. Jesus said ‘To see Me is to see your Father.’


The revelation of who God is comes to us from God - from His ever-present Spirit. Holy Spirit reveals Christ, the Father and Himself. We get to know God and to participate in the continual revelation of His love and beauty by allowing Jesus Christ to be our life. God will not be revealed to us through institutionalism and religion. He is self-revealing. He is the truth in person. The knowledge of God is blurred by false gospels, false doctrine and false christ’s. If you would know the truth of who He is, this Truth will set you free.


God loves the world and each of its people. Each person has the advantage of personal contact with God. Including those who have not received His Son. We can know about God but there’s more than this. There is a relationship. He is the ultimate Father, our real home and the place where our heart is always safe. Contrary to legalistic and religious impressions of Father He is nothing like earthly monarchs, does not specialize in keeping His distance and unlike queen Victoria, He is often amused.

Recently we saw ‘Beautiful Planet’ at the Imax theatre in 3D. It is indeed beautiful which prompted the commentator to speak of our need as humans to work together to maintain and preserve it. But humans no more have the capacity work together in peace and amity than pigs have the ability fly. It takes more than platitudes to make one world. Humanistic deportment can never make us fully human. A generic god-consciousness is a poor substitute for a relationship with Jesus. A refusal to know God in Jesus results in less life for us in the present and can mean the loss of eternal life. It can also mean as we are seeing hell on earth.

Father enjoys our intimate friendship. As opposed to being pained by us and our behavior, Father enjoys our company, desires us personally and lives to facilitate our growing into real sons - sons in spirit and in truth. He wants us to become the sons and daughters we really are by design, identity and according to the nature of our heart. The door to our Father is Jesus - Jesus of Nazareth who is Jesus the Son of God. In Him we know our Father and have access to His presence. Jesus reveals Father to us. There is much healing to be had in relationship with our Father that can soothe the wounds received from poor fathering, divorce and bereavement.

God is one, yet three. All of God is Father and all of them are one. Their fullness and unity makes them one God. This also indicates that to God whose essence is love - love is not an abstraction but the dynamic of the trinity. Love is the expression of the being of God - of the love, amity, joy and satisfaction that exists between the persons of the trinity.

God is near the non-believer. He is intimate with daughters and sons. Through Jesus and Holy Spirit we are drawn into Himself. This is our real home, the proper place for our rest and the launching place for every scheme and adventure that marks us as His daughters and sons. There are many people who do not appear to know Him personally. Often the heart of these folk knows Him and the fruit is seen in their lives. When people produce richness of life from their being they are expressing the Father through their Sonship. Nevertheless it is better to be a son in spirit and in truth than a notional son. This is why we preach Christ and His fullness. Fullness in the church begins with fullness in you.

There is one mediator between man and God. Jesus Christ. The agent of the presence of Jesus is Holy Spirit who is with us and in us. Once we decide that our heart belongs to Jesus we begin to make progress in knowing God, understanding ourselves and what He means for the church. Fellowship with Jesus will not lead you to accommodate yourself to the church as in institution. He will draw you into the fellowship of those who know His Son. These people are the reflection of Father, Son and Spirit who lives in them. They are indeed the manifest presence of God and are truly sons. You will see the likeness of God reflected in them in a way that cannot exist in those whose only preoccupation is a churchly routine.

Religion can position one further from God than unbelief. Or it can insulate us sufficiently from His presence as to leave us with a dim perception of who He is and burden us personally with a debilitated degree of spiritual discernment. It makes blind leaders of those who could have seen.


Kriston Couchey writes, “
There is that which is Christ in you that can only be established in communion with your Father and friend alone. It is folly that we seek the knowledge of Christ in us from the religious system of learning. Yet [it is] an even greater folly to deny the reality of Christ in others and how He will reveal Himself to us through others, through us to others and Christ as us to ourselves.

Never let man's system of gaining knowledge, regarded as sacred to many, find a place in you that supersedes the reality that it is Father Himself. Father revealing Christ in you [that is quite different to] a system of training, theology, doctrinal teaching, or church tradition and practice.

When you come to know experientially that Father alone is your source and the meeter (supplier) of all your needs, you find you can see Him, receive Him, and know more of Him in the love He reveals from the hearts of others. And you are then free from depending upon the wisdom of man's religious invention that likes to make titles, degrees of spiritual significance, and chains of command. These do not exist in the kingdom. The kingdom is seeing Christ becoming all in all. First in your heart, and then by faith in the hearts of all you have the privilege of pursuing and yearning for their knowing Christ as He has revealed himself in and to you.”