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If we master the content of the Scripture and have no savor or aroma of Christ, we are like a man holding a legitimate ticket, but who has missed his boat. It doesn’t matter how factual your ticket is, how everything on that ticket is true, how well you can explain the ticket, and defend its veracity. It exists to serve a purpose and you have missed it.” (1) This is a picture of the Believer who designates herself as a member of the Body of Christ with a ticket that has no content.

How to ‘miss the boat?’ Because we are living in old Adam and stagnant Moses when we have a ticket to spirit and life with Christ as our life.
God has moved us from the knowledge of good and evil to a life in Himself. The boat is that we are being carried along in in Christ. We have been positioned in God. We are in fellowship with the trinity.

As quoted in the preceding post, ‘As the true Man and the last Adam, Christ represents the archē and telos of human existence, the one in whose image all humanity has been created and into whose likeness all humanity is destined to be transformed from glory to glory.

Through the Incarnation the Son becomes human without ceasing to be divine, to unite humanity and divinity together and effect a ‘deification’ of human nature, mediated to men and women who are said to be ‘in Christ’ by the work of the Holy Spirit. By means of a ‘wonderful exchange’ Christ takes what is ours and gives us what is his. This is the heart of atonement.” It’s also the substance of our Kingdom Life.


But having the savor of Christ is not necessarily doing ‘Christian things.’ The aroma of Christ comes from our being the living expression of Jesus. In Him we grow into our original design and head relentlessly towards the realisation of our sonship. We are sons becoming more glorious sons. Never sons in the law – at least not in spirit and truth. We are sons in verity in the alpha and omega who is Christ because He is our life. This is not beyond us. Not a new ‘work.’ It occurs because we say to Jesus, ‘Lord, be my life.’


We can be - as is fashionable in this season, our own criterion of truth- because we want to. And like Trump supporters be anti-knowledge, anti-evidence and anti-truth, because we are addicted to our own ideas. Many people can see that what is happening in the United States is stupidity. The King and the many of the people have no clothes and are paying a price for folly. It’s unfortunate when the people of God act like the people of the world because they choose to. Because they think they have life in another gospel based on the old covenant and the law.

Falsehood never brings life. Loyalty to lies brings ill-health and death in the world and in the spirit.


‘But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God's curse!’ GAL 1.8 NIV. An attachment to the law produces a mindset in which we are separated from God and His spirit and life.

Life in the Spirit is not life in the gifts. Life in the Spirit means that as a result of the cross and in the mediating power of the Spirit, Christ’s life is your life. This union with God – now ours - is the soil of the gifts. The gifts grow out of this union as do we. Life in the Spirit is shorthand for life in the new covenant. But even then, the new covenant life is not the delineation of a doctrine. It is Christ’s life as yours and your life in fellowship with the trinity. This Christ as you. It is HOLY COMMUNION.


You can have an Easter life every day. While Easter affords us a reminder of the truth that we have been reborn in Jesus - rebirth lives in you because the resurrected Jesus is in you. Because the presence of God is interwoven with your person, you yourself become and Easter life. You live in constant renewal. Your influence is one of freshness. You are not tied to that which is old or new. You are one with EVERYTHING THAT IS ALIVE.


The new covenant is Adam undone. It is our Adamic separation undone. All that flowed from him is abolished and all things are made new in Christ.

The new covenant is also Moses and His laws surpassed. The new covenant is an exchange of the letter that brought death for the Spirit Life that is the person of Christ in you.

In the new covenant we are not an expression of the law or even the law exemplified. Jesus as Jesus was the expression of His Father in the flesh. So by the Spirit are we the expression of Jesus. We are Jesus Christ come in our flesh.

The new covenant is relationship. It is incarnation realised in you and the church. This is life in the Spirit. Now we are one with the Vine. We are the branches and fruit. Our works are alive with spirit and life and our gifts are rooted where they belong - in the trinity that is God.


Stephen Crosby writes, “
I have .. heard some evangelicals say that we are saved by grace, but that we need the law to keep us walking in obedience. There is so much confusion and mixture on this topic. Paul said it plainly. The old covenant, and everything about it, is annulled, abolished.” (2)

When we live in what God has done we are living in the Spirit of Christ and we are spirit and life in person. Obedience is better than sacrifice - especially when our sacrifice is our misguided attachment to the law and performance. Obedience to what God did in the cross and the Spirt means you have become the expression of Christ. All of us have. This is the church Jesus builds and the true expression of His Body. You can live in your inheritance. No need to leave the pearls and the treasure in the ground to follow a false identity and lesser christ.

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