His Kingdom in you and the world

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We have a real Father who is fully Himself and dependent on none other. God lives As I AM the triune fellowship of Himself - three persons one God. It is this communion that is God, this trinitarian relationship that has reached out to us and which has drawn us into fellowship with Himself. Richard Rohr is right when he suggests that the fullness of God is expressed in the inclusion of us as daughters and sons in the fellowship of the trinity. This is not to say that God needed us to be complete but that God created us to share the joy that the trinity is in its communion.

Because we came out of God, born from the womb of the trinity so to speak we bear god’s image and likeness. This is less to say that God is like us and more to emphasise that we have similarities to our Father. Keep in mind that it took the Son of God, come in our flesh to accomplish the oneness that Father has in mind for the sons of God.

Thomas Torrance observes that, “While he is the ungrudging creative Source of all being distinct from himself, he has given his creatures a reality and a rationality of their own in continuous dependence on himself but delights to maintain them throughout all time and space in unceasing relation to himself and his providential purpose for them. This means that God directs us in our knowledge of him not to some super-essential realm beyond the space-time universe which he has brought into being out of nothing but to his unceasing interaction with us in the midst of our creaturely and historical existence where in his loving purpose he makes himself known to us as our God and Father.” (1)

God is not found in some ’super-spirituality’ or some realm cut-off from everyday life. His interest in us is not just about character and morals but about the growing of His sons and daughters into the infinite potential that beings who are sons of God implies. Thus Father is not obsessed with some artificial realm such as religion but is enthused and passionate about us learning to live in all of His life and not just spiritualised bits of it. God does not have a religious view of us or life.

If Father as Supreme Personality is not contained in some super-spiritual divine life, neither is God any kind of abstraction like the law. The law is not an expression of God. God is the expression of God. If there is any essence who who God is it is the Trinity. It is this oneness that is the trinity of which we have been made a part - included in this oneness in fellowship with Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.

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