His life as your life


Some ‘gospels’ are a piece of primitivism of the kind found as the bottom line in many religions: What must I do to effect my union with God?

Satan framed this as ‘How can I be as God without God.’

This is the suggestion that precipitated the fall. It is the insinuation that informs all evasions of the new covenant and every ‘clinging’ to the austere tenets of legalism: DO THIS AND LIVE. Or do this and get an edge on other Christians. Or do this and possess this ‘key’ to advancing to the to the next level.


Any ‘faith’ that claims to have a corner on a truth that is needed by the rest of the church to gain an advantage, belongs to the same category as the banks and insurance companies that have been defrauding sections of the Australian public. It’s the money changers in the temple. Jesus cast them out prophetically at His own hand once in the temple and forever by the cross.


Today you can live in His resurrection, flourishing in the fullness of His life as your own. This is the Body of Christ as you and the Body of Christ of all who have agreed that they are sons and not mere slaves and workers.


“The good news of Jesus Christ is not that at last we have an accurate religious manual to follow and a master leader to show us the way. And it is not that we finally have perfect information about God to learn. The gospel is about Jesus himself. He knows the Father. And the gospel is about the stunning fact that the Father’s Son has established a real relationship with us in our darkness. And in this relationship, he is sharing with us–with the world–his own mind and knowing, his own communion with his Father, forever.” (1)


This good news gets even better. The trinity lives in us. Lives in us from the inside. God shares His nature with us, imparting His essence to every person who is not too obstinate to believe. If we are half sensible we can simply agree with Jesus. Assert to Him that He is not a hard man; that He is far more welcoming than we ever imagined and keep agreeing with Him that His life really is ours.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness (Kindle Locations 978-982). Perichoresis, Inc. Kindle Edition.