Sometimes we cannot abide others who are perceptive and intelligent. Informed and thoughtful people jar stagnant minds that are anesthetised by their own dead ideas. They make a life of sorts out of rejecting new ones. I once listened to a woman like this. She said ‘no’ to new concepts twelve times in twelve minutes. We can choose between being a life tree and a dead tree.
Ideas that are life-giving are always good. Even if they disrupt the old.
There’s a difference between views that are useful because they are valid at any time and place and views that we cling to because we have always had these views. Ideas are not necessarily good because they are old or because most people have them. Openness to truth is the indication of a mind alive. The closed mind is the sound of a dead mind shrinking, of a dead church and a dying community. Think rotting vegetables on the bench or a fridge full of decaying food. We can stagnate and decay in wrongly assumed truths because we cannot be taught.
If one wishes to be a leader in a truth-shrunken world one must not think too much - if at all.  As long as there is compliance with that principle of not thinking, one can easily have honours conferred on one, even if he is simpleton.
We can, if we choose, live from the law meaning the Ten Commandments and associated principles. Even though Jesus undid this regime when He cried, ‘IT IS FINISHED!’ and it scarcely positions us in Christianity.
We can evolve a shrunken gospel of law if we are obtuse enough to commandeer Jesus to a gospel that is not His. We can give Moses unwarranted obeisance even though he was a schoolmaster to lead to Christ and never the end-point of a true union with God. We can live Christian legalism without realising that we are living the knowledge of good and evil, continuing the fall and side-stepping with narcissistic piety the Righteousness of God who is Christ our life. We can if we are dull enough, retain ourselves in sin-conscious and moralism while never understanding that Christ’s purpose for us is unlimited life to the full in Himself. Your treasure in your jar of clay is to be incarnated as a son/daughter of God.
The implication below, and it is the correct influence, is that if the knowledge of good and evil, aka the law is still in play, then Adam/Moses is our god and Jesus Christ is not. This is the cause and effect of law-worship and the degradation of the christ in terms of the law.
Stephen Crosby observes that many seem to believe that “
Moses is the individual who is chosen to be the vehicle through which the fullness of Divine Revelation is brought down to humankind revealing a comprehensive way of moral living and religious striving for the fulfillment of human potential and destiny.
So, which is it? Moses or Jesus?
Death has no power over him Moses or Jesus? Pre-existent
Moses or Jesus?
“Prepared before the foundations of the world Moses or Jesus?
Eternal intercessor Moses or Jesus?
Un rivalled authority Moses or Jesus?
Ultimate prophet Moses or Jesus?
Comparable to God in glory Moses or Jesus?
The mediator Moses or Jesus?
“Lord of the Word Moses or Jesus?
The divine prophet Moses or Jesus?
The perfect teacher Moses or Jesus?
Arbiter of the covenant Moses or Jesus?
The advocate Moses or Jesus?
A new model of humanity Moses or Jesus?
The fullness of revelation Moses or Jesus?
The Realiser of human potential Moses or Jesus?” (1)
This is why Christ is our life and why Adam, Moses and we are not. Jesus is not a help to assist us in the mode of the knowledge of good and evil or an addendum to the law. Jesus joins us to God by God – Himself. He takes our place and He lives in our being to impart sonship to our nature.
The person of Jesus, and the apostolic declaration of Him and His mission were a confrontive and radical departure from these deeply held beliefs. In some cases merely thinking these things about Jesus would not only be blasphemous, but worthy of capital punishment. There is no middle ground in the list above.” You are either in Christ or in you. Christ is your life or you are living a religion in which you try to ‘keep close to Jesus’. But the latter is not your inheritance and is just a more subtle legalism. Incarnation by the Spirit is Christ your life. It is Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit woven into your being.
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