His life as your life


In these posts we write about living in life rather than living in some substitute or mirage of life. - like drinking the milk carton instead of the milk.

We can live in life itself because ‘Christ is our life.’ To live in God is to live in life and be alive with life. Unfortunately many people live in religion when they could be living in oneness with God who is life.

Living in religion when we could be living in life itself insulates us from God. We have been saved to live naked in God – without the layers and cardboard packing of religion right - up there in encounter with God. We are woven into His being and God is woven into us.

This gif is
a parable in which a man hops out of the illusion of normal assumptions and enters the real life that is there all the time. It may look like magic but it is there all the time ‘in the spirit.’

Not a few Believers live their entire lives in religion as a kind of ‘holy separation’ from the inheritance that is ours - which is Christ as us.
Incarnation is what Paul calls ‘Christ our life’, ‘living and having our being in God’ and ‘
Christ is all and in all’.