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Jesus did not come among us to start a religion. He came to undo the separation made by Adam and multiply Himself in people. Jesus came to re-join us to God. The core of Christianity is that Christ is our life aka atonement/incarnation. The paradox of Christianity is that it is not a religion – not a religion if we are living in the inheritance that Jesus has given us. It’s an incarnation.

Efforts to make religion more effective can be misplaced. The question must be asked, ‘Does Church Growth Theory make people more churchy or alive in Christ’s life?’

The anointing and the gifts outside new covenant incarnational reality do not go anywhere if we are not rooted in the incarnation. Their days are numbered, if we have been careless enough to remain in the law when we should have been living Christ our life.

Life in the spirit of Christ is ours as a result of the at-one-ment won by Christ from the cross, the resurrection means that Christ is alive, and the incarnation means the new and living way of post cross being is our living in the oneness of being that has been gained for us by the enterprise of the trinity. Just live in Christ.
The changed reality of the post cross era is that the separation from God that we had in Adam has ended and the union with Father that Jesus had with His Father is now ours because of Christ and in Christ. To be ‘in Christ’ is to live a non-separated life in the belonging that is ours – the inclusion some call it - is union with the Holy Family. The supposition that we should be trying harder and making steps to Christ did not come from God is a ploy of the Enemy to suffocate the gains of the cross.
It’s a stretch to call a law-based christianity an authentic Christian faith. Living in a law-mindset and claiming belonging in the Body of Christ is an inherent contradiction, because the law belongs to the age of separation in Adam. The law equals Adam and Adam equals separation from God. There is union of substance and union that is merely talk. Real union with God is Christ our life.
The fact is, we have union with God even if we live from a separation mindset. But we do not experience it because we live from a glass half full when we actually inherit a full glass. Like beggars who don’t know they are kings, legalists live in a state denuded of spirit and life.
God was with His people in the pre-cross age, but none were ever incarnated with God. There had been no Christ so incarnation before the resurrection of Jesus was impossible.
The law God gave the Hebrews was a function of the era of the knowledge of good and evil, named by Paul as the age of the law of sin and death. Nevertheless, it paved the way for the fullness of Christ to become our possession at the right time. Christ is our life because He is our justification and sanctification.
The communion God has given us with Godself has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with the Being of God expressed in us. The three-personed, yet one God is communion of the kind that the Church Father’s called perichoresis. The trinitarian persons were part of each other, yet fully themselves. This is the relationship that God has drawn us into in Christ. In the now accomplished oneness with Christ, God is part of us, and we are truly ourselves. This is real life and genuine holiness.
Pursuing our salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2.12) is not about earning salvation. It’s having the determination to live in the radical grace and paradoxical mystery that it is. Healings happen today as healings happened  in Christ’s Day. They are a sign of the Greater Healing that is ours in Christ and proof that the power that heals a limb is in us to heal our drive to sin and degrade ourselves and others. No one has ever been healed by the law, but every healing that has ever taken place happened because Christ is life.
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