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What is the nature of our restoration into Sonship? We were never abandoned as sons and daughters. We were however pursued so that the original vision of the Triune Fellowship would be realised. This vision is for human beings to join God in the rich and exultant life that is theirs as the Triune Communion that is God.
The nature of our sonship is that our estrangement has been undone and we have been drawn into God’s life through the Door that is Jesus Christ.
Oneness is ours in the fellowship of the trinity who surround us and are woven into our being. The spirit of adoption is as close as your body, soul and spirit. The Christ who came in the flesh lives in your being. Woven into our being Christ is part of us, which means that we are part of God. Just as daughters and sons come from the flesh of their parents, so we have come from the being of God. But in the case of our divine parentage, the triune God is woven into us and we are woven into God in the spirit. This is the essence of life in the Spirit.
Jesus lives in us, not to make us religious but to make us alive in real life.
In his book, The Mediation of Christ, Thomas Torrance puts it this way. “
In Jesus Christ the Son of the Father has personally entered into our human existence where we have forfeited our right as children of God, interpenetrated the structures of our personal and interpersonal being - constituting relations as sons and daughters in the creaturely family of God which we have polluted and falsified .. in our self-centred alienation from him and from one another, thus turning the truth of the very image of God in which we have been created into a lie.
“But having entered into and made his own that estranged and disobedient condition of our human being, he has converted it back in his own human being in love and obedience to the Father.” (1)
The antichrist spirit is not restricted to spiritualism and devil worship. It can embed itself in perverse Christian religion.  A fundamentalist parent from a bent Christian sect once remonstrated with me for encouraging youth to pray to Jesus while they were surfing. To him this was sacrilegious. For him God was too ‘holy’ to celebrate the pleasures of life with His daughters and sons.
Such effete mindsets often specialise in
dualism, not realising that such a split life imagination is the result of their living in the knowledge of good and evil instead of living the oneness with God that is theirs in Christ. What they have, is not the spirit of Christ but the spirit of antichrist. The Son of God came in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth. By the Spirit He comes in the flesh of you and us. ‘Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2.John 1.7. The antichrist spirit is embedded in any teaching or culture that points us to live in externalities, aka the law, instead of the Spirit of Christ expressed in us.
In Jesus Christ, God has reached out and enfolded us in the Communion of God. We are one with God because God has made it so. Not because we make it so. The essence of the Kingdom is not a moral program. It’s belonging and being; being daughters and sons woven into God and as such multipliers of His rich, diverse life. Righteousness is not irrelevant. It grows in us because Jesus becomes us. But our inclusion and oneness with God is the essence of our Christ-life and the adventure of our becoming as individuals and the community of the saints who live life to the full.
This is the essence of salvation which is much more than ‘going to heaven.’ It’s life in oneness with God. THE GENIUS OF OUR INHERITANCE IS THE INCARNATION. This is the incarnation that we celebrate at the Lord’s Table when we do in symbol what Jesus has instructed us to do in everyday life – EAT HIM AND LIVE HIM. He said that ‘Those who eat me will live because of Me.’ In eating Jesus, we participate in the oneness of being that He enjoys with Father and Holy Spirit. Avoid the teaching of blind guides who make religion out of your striving for the union with God that you already have.
A life in oneness with God is simply agreeing with Christ that He has made us one with Himself, our Father and Holy Spirit. This oneness is direct. Mediated by Christ Himself into our being. Don’t look to religious artifacts to mediate what is already mediated directly into your being by Christ in us. Christ is our life. Religious artificacts are not. Nevertheless, when we are living as incarnated beings by the One Spirit, we do impart life to all we do, including our life together in Christ.
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The Trinity in You