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Spirit and life is the difference between real life and an existence. If one has led a religious life, it may not be easy to understand that one may not really be alive, or cotton on to what Jesus meant by spirit and life as compared to mere existence. It’s safe to say that most people who are not spiritually alive do not know that they are not alive and sadly that people who live a religious life are in this category.


None who live in Adam’s life are really alive when they are alive. A woman wrote in The Age recently, that she was dubious about letting her ‘real self’ shine through because she had never liked her ‘real self. Many of us might identity with this. But we can take courage in the fact that there is a real self that belongs to us to which we have access. This is the self that we were designed to be in the mind of God and it is the self who we become when Christ is our life.


We are of course talking about being born again. It may be seen that this is not some ‘religious thing’. It’s about becoming our real selves according to our origins and destiny in Christ. It’s about our identity. It’s what Jesus said to a man once in a vision. Jesus asked him, ‘How are you doing at becoming your real self?’


Some people never get to be their real selves because they lose themselves in their self-constructed self. You get to be the you that you are when Christ is your life. In Him you are joined to the life-hub that is the trinity. The result is that you are part of their spirit and life and as a result fully you.

This is the real meaning of holiness.

Spirit and life is a key aspect of being our real self. We get this way when Jesus is us. This paradox – hidden in Christ to be revealed as us is - what it means to be sons and daughters of God. It comes about as a result of the at-one-ment and is due to the incarnation – the manifestation of the trinity in us.

Of more value than the healing of a limb is the healing of your relationship with God. Which is why the healing of limbs and such is sign of the greater healing.


In The Horse and His Boy, C S Lewis has a passage that goes some way to describing the difference between those for whom Christ is life and those who live in law and religion. He writes,

“Their tunics were of fine, bright, hardy colours – woodland green, or gay yellow, or fresh blue. Instead of turbans they wore steel or silver caps, some of them set with jewels, and one with little wings on each side of it. A few were bare-headed. The swords at their sides were long and straight, not curved like Calormene scimitars.

And instead of being grave and mysterious like most Calormenes, they walked with a swing and let their arms and shoulders go free, and chatted and laughed. One was whistling. You could see that they were ready to be friends with anyone who was friendly, and didn’t give a fig for anyone who wasn’t. Shasta thought he had never seen anything so lovely in his life.” (1)

Freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and life.

(1) Lewis, C. S.. The Horse and His Boy (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 3) (p. 24). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.