His Kingdom in you and the world

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When Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ He could have been speaking to the issue of the true self. Indeed the true self hidden in Christ and formed in God is the basis of the Kingdom of God and the new creation. The true self is the son, the daughter of God. The false self is a religious operative.


The generation of the false self personally and as the culture of society – the law of sin and death - began with Adam. It ended at the cross with Jesus.

The real self and the real society that we call the Kingdom of God begins at the resurrection of Jesus and the multiplication of the person of Jesus in people at Pentecost.


This makes possible the church composed of ‘real self’ people: Those whose self is the product of the interaction between ourselves as persons and our God as Father. This is Paul’s ‘Christ your life’ loosed into the person and the world by Holy Spirit – the transformation of the church and society by Jesus being the living expression of each of us.

Being part of the Body does not help much if you are a son/daughter of the slave woman. There are two kinds among Believers – the sons of the Free Woman and the sons of the Slave Woman. The latter need to enter their inheritance in the new covenant. This is the inheritance of oneness with Christ.


Whether we grow into our true self depends on two things. Whether we are possessed by a personal Jesus rather than by a religion and whether we are marinated in the person of Jesus as a result of new covenant living.

We become more amenable to our real selves when faced with the fact that our false self has let us down. This can be synonymous with the revelation that the religion we grew up with was more about a false life and a false self than the real you and real people.


Unfortunately many out of stubbornness or fear of losing all they have (which is nothing of substance) cling to this husk all their lives. As a result they never become themselves or a fountain of spirit and life. The ability to gush living water is based on the foundation of being our real self or as we might call this, the I AM of us. It is our sonship in spirit and in truth to which Holy Spirit ‘locks on’ that provides an integrated and authentic anointing rather than a short term gimmick that fades on the rocky ground of old covenant soil.


Richard Rohr observes, “Your True Self is that part of you that is going to live forever and sees truthfully. It is divine breath passing through you. Your False Self is that part of you that is constantly changing and will eventually die anyway. It is in the world of passing forms and looks out with itself as the central reference point—which is never true. The False Self is passing, tentative, and, as the Hindus and Buddhists say, “empty.” Mature religion helps us speed up this process of dying to the False Self—or at least to stop fighting its clear demise.” (1)

There are people, often relatives who have a peculiar perspective on almost everything. The have a peasants mind and a peasants life – even when they are well off. You can live out of a spiritual poverty mentality out of choice, obstinacy or mistaken pride. But there is a reality that empowers us to see and to live abundantly in spirit and life. This is Christ our life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self. SPCK. Kindle Edition.