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Non-gospels are defined by adding required behaviours to grace. This dilutes grace, enslaves us in self-made grace and is actually ‘no grace (Gospel) at all’.

Some churches have featured an array of supposed instructuctions from God that are held to have come to them by a revelation of some prophetic figure. These ‘no-no’s may consist of bans on dancing, forbidding competition and bans on alcohol and non-vegetarianism. Clearly this is an example of un-gracing grace.

But the humbug essence of it is that it portrays Christ as a micro-manager. Christ does not do this to people. He has given us Himself to be incarnated in our being so that what we think, do and live is a manifestation of Himself. This makes us maturing sons of God. The former makes us childish figures of trivial pursuit. Little wonder some leaders in such a culture can be intellectually weak and insensitive control freaks.

Timothy Keller observed that, “
A third example [of adding to grace] is found in churches that are extremely intolerant of small differences of dress or custom. Most of us immediately will think of these kinds of churches when we read about the false teachers of Galatia. They wanted .. to impose many old rules and regulations having to do with dress, diet and ritual observances.”

In my youth a lecturer took me aside and reprimanded me for playing a track from the
Tijuana Brass on Teacher’s Club Night. He cautioned that since I did not accept his counsel, I should alert administrators thinking to employ me in the denomination of my stance. A brother at my church insisted that dull colours and boring presentations were pleasing to God. In some denominations nit-picking is a common form of stupidity posing as spirituality. Trivial pursuit is ludicrous when attributed to God and demeaning when lived as a life.

It is natural for us to associate [un-grace] with highly regulated churches and religious communities, which control their members very tightly and direct them into the "right" way to eat, dress, date, schedule their time, and so on. [Think David Koresh ] Or they may insist on a detailed observance of many irrelevant rites.

“So, modern day examples of the Galatian heresy would be highly authoritarian churches, highly ritualised churches, highly legalistic churches. However, I listed legalistic churches  because their problems are so obvious to most people and therefore less dangerous. The first and second examples are much more prevalent and perilous.” Aka, seemingly small diminutions of grace that small as they are deny the efficacy of Christ.

The New Covenant guarantee is that Christ is our life. In Him we are baptised into holiness, wholeness, love of life and love of people. Christ incarnated in our being makes us a manifestation of Him so that we live pure and robust lives instead of effete nonsenses posing as religion.
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