His Kingdom in you and the world

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Because of God’s self-revelation in Jesus Christ we can both know God and be Godly in Jesus. Through the incarnation of the Spirit, our Father and the Son within our being we become as God is in God’s joy and holiness, enjoy genuine communion with God in God’s continuing self-revelation and become sons in Spirit and truth because our being is wrapped literally in God.


I’ve been a prayer leader in a church where prayer was regarded as peripheral and not the serious business of ‘doing church.’ What would be the serious business then? Perpetuating the institution and winning souls.

But winning souls to what? An institution or religion? You’ve got to be joking. Any real life in Christ comes from ‘Christ in you’ as Paul says. This kind of ‘externality’ religion is like calling the salt and pepper the meal and ignoring the lamb roast.


The fruit of religion based in the knowledge of good and evil is a compartmentalised life. The gift of eternal life in Jesus is that Jesus is ALL YOUR LIFE. No sacred and secular here. Admittedly this is not seen as an advantage by some Believers who are pleased to restrict their god-life to the Sabbath because it allows them to live the rest of the week for themselves.


In the Christian Age our inheritance is being in God, meaning being one with God and in fellowship with the trinity. We belong in fellowship with the triune God. But we are not God. No deity in us. But we are sons’ daughters of God which makes us a very high order of being. Much higher than many who live by defining themselves as sinners instead of sons.


God is never somewhere else, not outside us and not confined to ‘sacred’ times or places. By the incarnation and the spirit of sonship God is with us and in us. He has drawn us into His life.

“With the incarnation this relation in mutual knowing exclusive to the Father and the Son has been embodied among us in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father become man, so that he constitutes in himself the all-important bridge between God and man and the one place in space and time where we human beings may share in God’s knowledge of himself and really know him and believe in him in accordance with his own self-interpretation.” (1)


Irenaeus wrote, “Communion with God is life, and separation from God is death.” So cogently summed up. We can live a religious life that consists mainly of separation because we are insulated from God by the very religion we are practising. Some like it that way because this fiction of godliness allows them to do as they please. Others know no better because they have been tutored by religion that assumes we are separated from God.

We are not. Union with God is the harvest of the cross. You have union because God has drawn you into Himself in Jesus Christ.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (pp. 16-17). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.