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One can have a miserly righteousness in the law and one can have a luxurious life of God in Christ. Good people with a sensitivity to love and justice often exhibit a grace and a generosity of spirit that is absent in the adherent of law and religion. This is because they are sharers in the life of God rather than captives of the pieties and presumptions of religion.

Jesus’ message and that of the apostles is not an advanced form of legalism, but a genuine sharing in the life of God. Sharing in God’s life not merely morality or Christianity, but an actual sharing in the being of God. As the members of the trinity share in each other, so we share in the trinitarian God. This not of ourselves but as the gift of eternal life.
Jesus spoke much of eternal life, but it is clear that infinite life was included in it. One can cherry pick an item of the law and make an icon of it and then be presumptions enough to think we are holy because we have made an identity out of this fragment of righteousness. We get a lot more than ticking boxes in the post cross age. We get Jesus as us.
Myk Habets observes of Torrance, “
His theology of theosis – the participation of the human being in the life of God as the intended goal or telos of human persons, based upon the centrality of Jesus Christ.” This is Godliness in a nutshell and what Paul meant by Christ our life. It’s what John was referring to in the words ‘Christ come in the flesh.’ (1) His Spirit manifests as the flesh, soul, spirit and body of you.
It is good to know Jesus personally. This was the model set up by the Psalmist who had a personal fellowship with God well before the days of the incarnation. As such David was a prophetic figure who pointed us to the union with God for all that would follow the cross.
Your union with God the Son is more personal than that of David.
We share in the divine nature because we have been drawn into God’s being, drawn into the fellowship of God. Those who obey Jesus by agreeing with Him that He is their life become the home of the trinity who lives in them.
We really can participate in the divine nature. By origin in modest ways and abundantly in Christ. Theosis means God becomes us in Christ. As a result we become the manifestation of God as daughters and sons. This is what it is to be sons and daughters in spirit and truth as compared to sons of God religiously. In the former we possess the reality that is Christ. Agree with Jesus that you belong and live in the communion of God without religiosity but with adventure and fun.
(1) Myk Habets, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance, p.30