Events in the Unites States and on the far right in Australia, reveal an addiction of many to delusion. ‘Populism’ is the effect of assuming that one’s limited and mistaken ideas are as good as astute and informed thinking. The new Christian church, leaders in Acts were chosen because they were full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. They were not ignorant and full of themselves and probably people who listened more than they talked.

The poor in spirit know God and reveal God as God is.
You might be surprised at how few who are positioned as teachers of the faith know the Gospel of the Kingdom as it is. They preach a crooked gospel as the norm in all sincerity. We need to confront “soteriologies* that have an overarching federal or external framework which lead to people being thrown back upon their own subjective endeavours to gain salvation.”

The Gospel as it is, is not known by following the crowd or because one is a loyal foot-soldier of the institutional church. It is usually understood by those whose passion for life exceeds propping up other people’s ideas and the religion of their parents.
You represent Jesus when you speak the truth without blinking and cut yourself off from accommodating your thought and belief from that of the Father of Lies. The pure in heart will see God. Those of divided heart will live in their own darkness.
Don’t assume that people spend much time in reasoned thinking today or that everyone knows what
the cross achieved by gaining us fellowship with God – a fellowship of the same quality that Jesus had with His Father and Holy Spirit.
That which is marketed as religion is too often religious dependency and spiritual consumerism. Every person has the capacity, in this age to be the recipient of
some measure of wisdom and revelation. Every-one has the privilege because everyone has union with God. Whether we have union with God or not depends on whether we believe we do. Many times, Jesus said, ‘Only Believe!’ Only believe Him and His Gospel because this is what connects us with Reality.
If you are still in the law, you are not in the Apostles teaching.
‘They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer’ Acts 2.42 NIV. ‘Breaking of Bread’ because this is the sign of a life incarnated with the Divine Presence.
Union with God is yours before you repent. Repentance is about relinquishing separation as religion and laying down our religion to take up His life.
Many people are often offended at straight talk of the kind that would demolish demonic strongholds if taken to heart. Rather than be taught by the pure in heart they cover their self-righteousness in offence. Some like Mr Trump and his misguided supporters are offended at the truth, repelled by reality because they have adopted a lie as the reality in which they live.
Offended poses are no more than the rattling of empty cans. Rick Joyner observes, “
Over time the nature of the accusations being hurled at the movements in the valley became increasingly extreme. We did not pay much attention to these at first because it seemed that they were getting so extreme that no thinking person would take them seriously. That proved to be a big mistake as there were not as many 'thinking' people as we supposed.”  (1) As Solomon wrote many years ago, ‘Nothing is so sad as a fool who thinks he is a king.’
The greatest inhibitor of life in our individual journeys is
an addiction to our inherited ideas. This is always caused by some kind of selfishness.
Pride can insulate us from
light and life. Very pleasant people who are well educated and gracious can be saddled with a smug sense of unwarranted confidence; a misplaced pride in the misguided assumptions that were fed into their souls as children and youths. Some of these beliefs involve dilutions of our inheritance in Jesus. They produce life-long debilitation. Other distortions involve perverse renderings of who Jesus is and who we are in Him. So perverse that they are ‘another gospel.’ That’s a polite label for them. These notions are really lies and lies that some people prefer over the truth – even when the fraudulent assumptions of their religion have been revealed to them.
Pride not only embeds us in well-respected folly. It can make us unteachable. We become those whose eyes do not see and ears do not hear. But we have convinced ourselves that we  have something to offer – but only the help of the kind that makes well people ill.
* Soteriology is a branch of Christian theology that focuses on the study of salvation. It examines how people can be saved from the consequences of sin and restored to a right relationship with God. It includes an understanding of how Jesus’ death and resurrection are the foundation of salvation, how believers are justified through faith, and how believers are sanctified through the work of the Holy Spirit.
(1) Joyner, Rick. The Valley (Fire on the Mountain Book 2) (Kindle Locations 1986-1989). MorningStar Publications and Ministries. Kindle Edition.