His life as your life


There’s a cult of materialism and entitlement that is stronghold of folly and self-destruction in Western thought. Gregory Boyd writes, “Jesus came to establish the kingdom of God as a radical alternative to all versions of the kingdom of the world, whether they declare themselves to be "under God" or not.” This version of Christianity is seen in the illusion that the United States is ‘under God’ and to some extent represents God. It is this cult that is substantially responsible for the Trump presidency and the reduction of the United States among many to a laughing stock.

Some would call this the cult of materialism and raping the earth.

Fortunately not all American Christians are expressions of this mode of folly. There are some who can see that they have an emperor who has no clothes and that too many who defined themselves as Believers have succumbed to the brainwashing of the cult of materialism and greed.


In his book, The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis writes of a monkey who finds a lion skin and goes about claiming to be Aslan. This parody gains a large following among the naïve and limited. We have now entered similar times in the history of the post cross world. If we do not turn to the incarnation and embrace the Christ of God, we can expect to be over-run by the Orcs.


Better to choose policies that are life-giving than chose paths that are venerated just because they are old. Wisdom is a mindset that helps us retain the good, reject the bad and advance into all that is visionary and fruitful. We can stick with the old no matter what. We can venerate old ways and old thinking because we are too lazy to think much about anything and overly fearful about losing what we think have. Or we can just have an unwarranted confidence in our own opinions and intelligence.


The dishonourable thing about the vegetating conservative is a clinging to a status quo that was germinated years before by people that had more public-mindedness, more vision and more boldness than they do. If we deny reality simply because we are stuck in old ways, reality will eventually confront us and consume us. Reality is no respecter of persons. In the case of the Australian bush fires reality consumes the climate change Denier as well as the informed believer.
A wilful blindness destroys the lives of all for the sake of the dormant and foolish.

The time has come for rewarding your people who revere your name, both great and small-- and for destroying those who destroy the earth’ Rev 11.18 NIV. Some of these are doing a good job of destroying themselves.


When people are anti evidence, anti-wisdom and anti-life one has to wonder what these people would do to Jesus Christ if He came among us today advocating His Living Way. When among us in Palestine, Jesus warned that if people did not receive Him they would ‘die in their sins.’ This was not just about eternity. It referred also to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. Who could have imagined it relevant to killing the earth?


Maybe this could be called the ‘My ideas are just as good as the informed and educated’ cult.

The book of proverbs indicates that wisdom is not just a religious thing. It is the thing. Wisdom is love. Wisdom is the foundation of order, wellness and prosperity. Wisdom as Christ is the expression of love. The prophet Isaiah declared that wisdom is the Messiah. He will be called, ‘Wonderful, Counsellor, Prince of Peace and the government will be on His shoulders.’ In Rick Joyner’s vision, Wisdom is the person of Christ. ‘Government on His shoulders’ indicates that the way of Jesus Christ is not restricted to churches, healings in auditoriums at conferences and in the streets. We are talking new creation Kingdom of God – the effect of the God-head manifest in people who go by God’s name.

Jesus is not the promoter or endorser of the materialist, capitalist Money-Cult that rules the world and brainwashes many Christians living in their narrow godliness. If the high priests of this cult had their way they would turn all that is alive into money.

Gregory Boyd writes, ‘
Since Christ has in principle defeated the fallen "gods" (principalities and powers) who have for ages inspired injustice, cruelty and apathy toward the weak, the poor the oppressed and the needy, the church can hardly carry out its role in manifesting, on earth and in heaven, Christ's victory over these gods without taking up as a central part of its missions just these causes. We can, in truth, no more bifurcate social concerns and individual salvation than we can bifurcate the cosmic and anthropocentric dimensions of Christ's work on the cross."


So tell me this. If you have a healing ministry does this include healing the earth?

Christ our life is not about the perceived entitlement of those who have. It’s about the healing of the earth and the common good. The Kingdom of God is both personal and universal. It’s the new creation which applies as much to the earth as it does to our personal concerns and private enjoyment of God. If this is not so the words Kingdom of God are empty of meaning.