His Kingdom in you and the world

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This is a video in which Kriston Couchey explains Kingdom Life in the Spirit of Sonship.


There is no such thing as life in the Spirit outside of our new covenant union with God. Life in the Spirit is not life with gifts like words of knowledge.

Life in the Spirit is life in the Spirit of Christ in which Christ is incarnated in us. Paul called this Christ our life. Christ our life is not Christianity. It is pure and simple
Christ as us. It is Jesus’ relationship with our Father as our relationship with Father.


One cannot minister apostolically as a representative of the law. Apostolic ministry, as with Jesus, is the effect of oneness (union) with Father.

Life in the Spirit is not the gifts of the spirit latched onto. It is union with Father in the spirit of sonship.

Kingdom life flows from Father into us. Never from the gifts
as a thing in themselves. I have worked to emphasise this truth for the past four years, because I have seen people ‘come into the gifts’ without having come into the new covenant – which is the only genuine life in the Spirit.

Because of grace it is possible to minister gifts from an old covenant mindset. But we cannot
live in spirit and life from this mindset.

Spiritual gifts on their own are a disaster waiting to happen. They can make unhealed persons more emotionally wounded than they were, they can be a door to nonsensical ‘words’ and they lead to dead ends and disappointment because they have no root. Certainly they have no root when we are purveyors of another gospel based on anything or anyone who is not Christ.


Adding a bunch of ‘gifts’ to religion based on old covenant and law is like planting a tree by hovering it in the air by anti-grav or something; hovering it over deep and fertile soil with no attachment to it whatsoever. Naturally the tree will die after a short time as does life in the gifts without the union with God that is the new covenant.

All life comes from union with God. The life of the sons of God comes from our Father. It flows freely in us in an unrestricted fashion when our being is un-insulated from the union with God that is already ours.

What can constrict our union with God and stifle the spirit of sonship? ‘The gifts’ without the spirit of sonship.’ When is the spirit of sonship a notion and not a reality? When we live in a separation mindset in the law and the old covenant.