Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you



Dreams and vision are useful but they do not make us whole or holy. Christ’s life as our life makes us whole and holy. His teachings and instructions written in the New Testament have no more power to transform us than the laws and regulations of old. It is He who transforms, He who is incarnated in our being and He whose Spirit makes us who we are as manifestations of Himself. You get more than a bunch of piety with Jesus. You get yourself!

We have  union with God. The new covenant means we and Father are one. We have the intimacy Jesus has with Father and we know Father’s heart as Jesus knew it. Because He has made us sons in spirit and in truth.


Jesus reveals Himself to our hearts without words and with words. We can ‘know things in the Spirit’ even if we have not expressed them or heard them expressed. This is knowing the truth that sets us free. We may speak them out and hear others do so. Jesus articulates and unwraps truth through various members of the body that He has often already seeded into our hearts in principle. This is why sons in spirit and in truth express spirit and life - never cliches and platitudes.


In Jesus you are in our Father. Here you are truly a son and nourished into your identity and purpose in intimacy with Him. In Christ you are fully a son, yet growing and expanding in your sonship continually. Enfolded in I AM we become we we are as persons - lesser I AM’S in the greater I AM. Father grows you into the fullness of yourself and never makes you a clone of someone else.

Separation and separationism is an illusion. In the old covenant He did not abandon us and in the new He has drawn us into a greater degree of union and fellowship than was ours before the fall. ‘Separationism’ is the great darkness. You are one with Christ and one with God. Always. Live in this reality and you will have much joy and release life without limit!