Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you



The Holy Family (trinity) sent the Son to re-establish their sons; to draw them back into their full inheritance. Sons came from God, are one with God and are heading to evermore of God’s infinite life.

Jesus offers you a life today that is real and eternal. This inheritance is yours now – when you embrace Him as what He is: His life for yours, His life making you one with God, His life in you as your spirit and life. S and L is all that is un-life. He gives us beauty instead of ashes.

There is no dust to dust and ashes to ashes for you. You did not come from dust. You came from God in the beginning. You are returning to glory. You are returning to His fullness. You have supernatural origins as sons and daughters. You are living in God and you are returning to God. God lives in you. What does God look like expressing Himself in your street, your laboratory and your supermarket? He looks like you! You are a son/daughter of God.